Thursday, April 29, 2004

Mostly unproductive day for The Overlord

Sorry folks, just haven't had much time today. In fact this is the first time I've been in front of my computer all day. In the meantime, I just got done with some really good reading from the independant 1, you should go over check it out. Also, go check out Frank's arrogance, as he enlightens us about the terrorists we face. I promise to be my usual witty, enlightening self tomorrow. Actually I'm going to respond to Bush's testimony. I just haven't gotten all my p's yet. Got the q's, but those damned p's are fast as hell... Also, gonna entertain you all with my writing skills as I put up the beginnings of the story. What story? THE STORY YOU NIBBLEHEAD!! Oh nevermind, you'll see tomorrow.


Update: Almost forgot (now who's the nibblehead?) Coop will lighten your spirits with his brand new Chicken Soup for the Complete Asshole.

Ok, one more update: I just found this and I had to post it. Read it, and get pissed...

Another blow to Air America

I don't really need to comment here, it speaks for itslef. From ...Front Page Mag:

America Tunes Out Leftist Hate Radio

By Michael P. Tremoglie | April 29, 2004

If liberals have a radio network and nobody listens does it still make a sound?

This is the relevant question about the new "liberal" radio network Air America Radio, which debuted March 31. The network features a galaxy of left-wing stars.

Despite these stars Air America Radio is disappearing faster than a John Kerry campaign pledge. Air America could not pay its bills to its Chicago affiliate, so it was locked out of its office and its programs were cancelled. Now its CEO, Democratic Party operative Mark Walsh, has resigned.

After listening to a couple of the shows one can only conclude that Air America combines the worst elements of National Public Radio and Drive Time Radio – sophomoric humor and soporific conversation. The owners of Air America – Progressive Media, which is owned by Democratic Party operative Mark Walsh – assembled a group of "talent" such as late night TV comedians, Comedy Channel producers, former gangsta rappers, and liberal radio talk show hosts from NPR and the far-Left radio network Pacifica.

The 9 a.m. to 12 Noon show is called Unfiltered. The hosts are comedienne Lizz Winstead, Oxford grad Rachel Maddow, and Rapper Chuck D. Lizz Winstead and Rachel Maddow speak with the soft-spoken, quasi-intellectual tones that characterize NPR, and Chuck D, well, is Chuck D. Among their "jokes" is the suggestion that the CIA Iraqi Rewards program rewards frequent flier miles for "How many civilians you kill." Maybe they should interview the widows of our servicemen.

The major issue of the day was that terrifying threat to our civil liberties "hip-hop profiling." They interviewed Donna Lieberman of the New York ACLU about this important subject. It seems that there is unfair targeting by the NYPD and Miami PD of the hip-hop community.

One reason that "hip-hop profiling" may be important is that Air America caused the elimination of at least three minority radio stations and has thrown blacks and Hispanics out of work. Ten of twelve Air America hosts – or 83 percent - are white. Contrast that to Rush Limbaugh’s guest hosts, who are 67 percent white and tell me who is racist.

During their ruminations and articulations Chuck, Lizz, and Rachel, made the obligatory comments about cops being cruel and stupid, and the CIA is watching that each of them.

The only thing they did was ridicule: the CIA, the military, the cops, President Bush, you name it. This is Hate Radio.

Liberals believe that it is not their message that is unpopular, it is their lack of media. This is why Air America was created.

One New York Times’ article once stated that Carville, Begala, Bill Press and Phil Donahue are the only liberals in media. This is ludicrous. Clinton friend Rick Kaplan is president of MSNBC. NBC’s Tim Russert is the host of Meet the Press and used to work for Mario Cuomo. The host of ABC’s Sunday political show, George Stephanoupolos, was a high-level Clinton staffer. MSNBC features Chris Matthews, who was a former Tip O’Neil staffer, and Brian Williams who was a Carter staffer. Judy Woodruff of CNN, Margaret Carlson are registered Democrats. Bill Moyers of PBS is a vociferous critic of Republicans and a former Johnson administration official.

In 1985, the Los Angeles Times surveyed 3,000 journalists across the country at 621 newspapers. Their conclusion was that "Members of the press are predominantly liberal, considerably more liberal than the general public." A 1995 Roper Poll furnished similar results.

Comedian Jay Leno once referred to what would become Air America during one of his monologues last year. Leno remarked, "According to the New York Times, a group of liberal venture capitalists are in the process of developing their own liberal radio network to counter conservative shows like Rush Limbaugh. They feel the liberal viewpoint is not being heard -- except on TV, in the movies, in music, by comedians, magazines and newspapers. Other than that, it’s not getting out!"

Liberals and Democrats have a tendency to only talk to each other. According to their ratings, no one else is tuning in. The Democrats should heed the maxim, "Where all men think alike, no one thinks very much." And no one tunes in. The overwhelming popularity of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and conservative websites such as FrontPage Magazine prove where America really stands. It does not stand with the Left, and it certainly does not stand with Air America.

Ahhh, the sound of the left going by the way-side....wonderful, isn't it? And the best part is; they can't claim censorship, or discrimination or any of the other leftist cries. The American public just doesn't want to hear it. AAAWWWW!!!! Shucks

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Soldiers facing court martial

My support for the military has always been unwavering. It still is. Which is why it upsets me a great deal to read reports like this. As much as I hate to say it, IF these soldiers are guilty they should be court martialed. In any conflict there is a fine line between fighting the enemy and becoming the enemy. We went to depose Sadaam because of violations of human rights committed by him. If we are to condone those same actions when done by our soldiers, then we have no credibility and no right to punish those who commit these acts. It's sad, but if they are guilty (and I emphasize if, they haven't had a trial yet) then they must be punished accordingly. There is one item I would like to point out. The article states that 17 soldiers have been removed form duty, and 6 are facing a possible court martial. I think it is important to note that this is a relatively small number when compared to the 150,000 troops that are in Iraq. I believe Gen Kimmit summed it up best:

"The Army is a values-based organization. We live by our values. Some of our soldiers every day die by our values and these acts that you see in these pictures may reflect the actions of individuals but by God it doesn't reflect my army."

Amen General.

Just for Clare

Clare wanted to know what Air America was. So for Clare, and anyone else who hasn't heard (or cared), this is Air America. With this I feel it is also prudent to mention that Air America is already having some troubles. The problem is, they are more interested in spewing their liberal rhetoric than they are in actually running a business, which is what they should be focused on. After all, a radio station without advertisers won't be a radio station for long.

The debate finally settled

Finally, the distinctions have been clearly laid out. No more, will people have to sit and ponder the meaning of life. The question has been answered. What question? Well, THE question; finally, the difference between shit and shinola. I know I for one will sleep much better tonight know this great and wonderouse question has finally been answered.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

A new flag

Being that the Iraqi governing council didn't much care for the new flag, being that it looked too much like Israels, Allah has a few designs of his own he would like to share.

Another example of Natural Selection

At it's finest. Really, I mean, what can you say about this story, except that Darwin would be damned proud.

The moment I've been waiting for

And hopefully you have also. It seems we have finally quit pussy-footing around in Fallujah and gotten around to business. The strike began today with an AC130 Gunship (man those things are nice) targeting two separate areas within the city. Witnesses said there were around 25 simultaneous explosions. Now that's what I'm talking about. I'll try to keep everyone updated on it as information comes out.

Foiled terrorist attack in Jordan

I can't believe this isn't getting more attention on the wires. A plot that would have wiped out up to 80,000 people and you barely hear a whisper about it. I first heard about it a couple of days ago but was having trouble finding some hardline news sources on this. Some of the details not mentioned in this article that I have hear but not yet confirmed; the weapons came from Syria, some of the components were tracked into Bahgdad (remember the perfume plant that exploded and killed 2 soldiers). I would call 80,000 people being killed mass destruction, how about you? And I would call something used to kill 80,000 people a weapon, don't you think? So wouldn't you call a weapon used to kill 80,000 people a weapon of mass destruction? I thought Syria was supposed to be getting rid of those. And if some of the components came from Iraq...well you connect the dots.

The greatest newscast ever!!

It's kind of like a CNN meets America's Funniest Home Videos. All news shows should be this entertaining. Make sure you have your video up for this one, the sound really makes the bit.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Gotta love those DU'ers

The thread starts like this:

skjpm (592 posts) Sun Apr-25-04 11:37 AM
Original message
If by "America" you mean the majority living here now, then I hate America

If by "America" you mean the vision of the Founding Fathers, then I love America. But it's hard to keep that vision in front of me when the majority of "Americans" are fundamentalist, fascistic, homophobic, racist, sexist, ignorant, American Idol-loving morons who think Bush is a strong leader. I think that the America I love is beyond retrieval because it would take more than a new President, it would take a re-awakening of a whole group of stupid people who don't want re-awakening. Bush didn't destroy America. Americans who had no idea of the wonderful country they were given destroyed America, and will continue to destroy it whether Kerry is elected or not.

Should I stay? Would you counsel someone to stay in an abusive relationship and hope that the person will stop hitting them if they can just reach the person somehow?

It pretty much goes down-hill from there. You can read the rest of these people's (I use the term lightly) by clicking here.

The Hague replacing American courts?

That's what will happen if some have their way. The ICJ has already ruled against us in several cases involving Mexico. One can only hope to God that nobody in this country is actually taking this seriously. I'm not even going to bother fisking this it's so rediculous. I'll let my wonderful readers have the pleasure of picking this on apart.

Anti-war protestors are aiding the enemy

If any still actually believes that these demonstrations are "patriotic" and aren't causing any harm or demoralization, really need to pay better attention to the news. This from CNN:

Protest 'or Italian hostages die'
Monday, April 26, 2004 Posted: 12:29 PM EDT (1629 GMT)

(CNN) -- A militant group has threatened to kill three Italian hostages unless their countrymen demonstrate against the presence of Italian troops in Iraq, according to a video aired on an Arabic news channel.

Al-Arabiya said a group calling itself the Green Brigade released the video of three men sitting around a table eating. It said these are the remaining three Italian hostages. A fourth hostage, taken with the others on April 12, was executed.

What? You mean the terrorists LIKE the anti-war protests?

In a written statement the group released with the tape, it demanded Italian citizens organize demonstrations against the presence of Italian troops in Iraq.

The group gave Italians five days to organize the demonstrations. Otherwise, the statement said, the hostages would be killed.

Yup, looks like that's the case.

The news came as two U.S. soldiers were killed Monday in a massive explosion in northeastern Baghdad during a raid in which they were looking for a shop-owner suspected of producing "chemical munitions," a military spokesman said.

But I thought everyone knew Sadaam didn't have chemical weapons?

Some Iraqis celebrated after the blast, standing on top of damaged U.S. military Humvees and cheering.

The should be hunted down.

On the Italians, the militant group's statement, dated Sunday, said they were taken hostage because they were found spying in Iraq. On the videotape one of the alleged hostages speaks briefly in Italian, but it was not possible to determine what he said.

"We tell you we will show good faith and free them if you sympathize with our cause, show solidarity with us and publicly reject the policy of your prime minister by staging a big protest in your capital to protest against the war," said the group's statement.

If you sympathize with our cause?? In other words, if we switch to your side, you'll stop killing us? Hmm, that's a good idea. (/sarcasm off)

"We grant you five days after which we will kill them without any hesitation or any other warning."

I think you'll kill them anyway

The three hostages all appeared haggard with beards that had grown since they were abducted.

I wonder why

Their captors claim the hostages are intelligence officers. The Italian government said they work for private companies.

The killing of the first hostage, Fabrizio Quattrocchi, by Iraqi militants provoked shock in Italy as fears grew about the safety of foreign nationals working with the U.S.-led coalition.

And I suppose everyone thought we were going to pull of the ouster of Sadaam with a single casualty.

At the time, the militants who killed Quattrocchi threatened to execute the three other hostages unless Italy withdrew its 2,700 troops from Iraq.

And of course history has show that appeasement worked so well in the past (see WWII).

But Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has staunchly backed the U.S.-led war in Iraq, vowed that his videotaped execution would not affect his commitment to keep troops in the country.

"They have broken a life, they have not cracked our values and our desire for the peace," Berlusconi said in a statement.

Good for you!

The prime minister's office later sent a top diplomat to Iraq to try to secure the release of the three remaining Italians.

Why in the blue hell would you do this?

The killing of Quattrocchi united Italy -- at least temporarily -- where the majority of the population overwhelmingly opposed the center-right government's support for the war.

Good, it should have enraged the Italian people.

"We must not recall our troops because a band of assassins have demanded it," said Francesco Rutelli, leader of a center-left opposition party.

"The vile blackmail by a band of criminal kidnappers must not be given the dignity of a political response. Italy is and must remain unified and together."

Again, good for you. Well said. Let's see if they walk the walk.

The media also expressed outrage: "Shot in the neck in front of his own grave," said left-wing daily La Repubblica. "Horror in Iraq, one Italian hostage killed," Corriere della Sera said in a headline.

How much you wanna bet these same media folks are now creaming their pants in anticipation of these protests?

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini described how Quattrocchi was executed. "When the murderers were pointing a pistol at him, this man tried to take off his hood and shouted: 'Now I'm going to show you how an Italian dies'. And they killed him.

"He died a hero," Frattini said.

That's the way a soldier dies. I would like to believe that this would only strengthen the resolve of the Italian people. Sadly, that is probably not the case. If the Italian people capitulate to these terrorists and begin the demonstrations, the terrorists will have won. They will know that just as in Spain, they will have broken the spirits of the Italian people as well. In fact, the fashion in which to aforementioned Italian died is probably the reason these thugs are making these demands. My bet is that they were not prepared for his response just before he died. More likely they were waiting for him to beg for his life. I would like nothing more than to see the Italians united alongside us in the war on terror. Time will tell if they have the cajones for it. Sleep well friends, even if the U.S. is forced to stand alone, you can rest well knowing we have the greatest military on the face of the earth. We have the greatest people, and I believe the majority of Americans do have the cajones to do what it takes.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

A call to arms!!!!!!

My friends, yesterday I told you about a great American; Pat Tillman, dying in Afghanistan. We all agreed (I hope) that he died a hero, as has all Americans who have lost their lives fighting for our country. Well now we have a new enemy. Those treasonous fuckbags, no; they're not good enough to be called fuckbags....those treasonous douche-bags at have now become the soul target of my aggression. They refer to themselves as an "independant news outlet", which of course means they lean so far to the left that even Howard Dean would have to walk at a slight angle to match them. They have branches all over the world. The one particular division, the one in Portland, is the culprit that has earned my contempt at this moment. These treasonous douche-bags have an article of their own up, titled Dumb Jock Killed in Afghanistan. The article itself, aside from the title, isn't the problem:

Pat Tillman, the Arizona Cardinals safety who left a million dollar NFL career to become a U.S. Army Ranger, has been killed in Afghanistan.
Former NFL Safety Is Killed in Afghanistan

By Fred Barbash
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, April 23, 2004; 11:44 AM

Pat Tillman, the Arizona Cardinals safety who left a million dollar NFL career to become a U.S. Army Ranger, has been killed in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the Rangers, an elite special operations unit, confirmed Tillman's death but would provide no details. Tillman, who had also served in Iraq, was deployed with the 75th Regiment Ranger Battalion.

Among the Rangers' tasks in Afghanistan has been the pursuit of al Qaeda members, including Osama bin Laden.

A source said Tillman had been involved in a counter-terrorism operation called Mountain Storm.

Tillman, 27, joined the Army in May 2002 with his younger brother, Kevin, a minor league prospect for the Cleveland Indians.

Neither sought attention when they joined, although they received plenty at the time from commentators inside and outside the world of sports, who regarded their decisions as extraordinary.

Tillman was quoted as telling friends he need to "pay something back." Friends also said Tillman had been particularly affected by the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Tillman, maintained a 3.84 grade point average at Arizona State University even while becoming the Pac-10 Conference Defensive Player of the year as a senior.

He was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 1998 and played safety, setting a club record for tackles in 2000.

He had been playing under a three year, $3.6 million contract. The Army reportedly paid him about $19,000 plus benefits.

Washington Post staff writer Peter Slevin contributed to this story.

© 2004 The Washington Post Company

What has earned my hatred would be the yellow-bellied fucktards posting about the article. I can't even begin to explain how horrific these words are, you'll have to use the link above to read it. Here's an example:

StevetheGreen link

"Cottled sports star allows nationalism to foster jingoistic irresponsibility resulting in his death"

or how about....

"Citizen of empire allows ignorance to cause him to die for imperialism"

or maybe......

"Capitalist chooses to kill innocents instead of cashing check"

That's one of the more moderate posts. I am, I am ordering every single one of you to go over to go here and open up a can of some serious moonbat ass whooping on these major idiotorians. I want lots and lots of pain. I have to go and repost, cuz the post I initially entered was rejected. I was told by the "moderator (aka info filter) that my post was to "profane". Really? I suppose using the term treasonous fuckbag is more profane than celebrating the death of an American Soldier? Anyhow, the gist of my post was this; I wonder how brave those yellow-bellied douche bags would be if they were standing in front of Tillmans' family? I even dared them to say it to a member of his unit. Then I dared them to say it to my face, and gave them my name and address...which by the way, if any of you yellow bellied cowardly ass fucking douche bags did catch my post and happen by over here:

Ivan Rohde
1509 W Waters Ave
Tampay, FL 33604

I'll be on the front porch, not holding my breath......Meanwhile, I'm gonna try to post again. I had better see you all there...or else!!!!!!!(jk)

Friday, April 23, 2004

Today's edition of WTF?

Wow, this is just f'ed up. Really, seriously, truly. The story is about a european car made my ford called the Ka. Actually it's about a new line called the SportKa, it's being marketed as the Ka's "evil twin". I get the whole evil twin thing, but this is just wierd. Here are the two commercials in question. Now in fairness, these are just proposed commercials from the ad agency and were refused by Ford. Somehow though, the commercials leaked out. Here's the first commercial about the bird. And if that's not twisted enough, this is the second commercial with the cat. I'm not a huge animal freak, (yeah I got a dog and a cat and love'em and all) but this is some twisted stuff.

Note: quicktime is required to view the commercials. You can read the new story about it here.

NoteII: I tried the url in the commercials, but it doesn't work. Somebody let me know if they have any luck. And BTW, I have to admit after I watched these I did LMAO a little bit. Yes I know, I'm heartless.

NoteIII: Yes I lied about not having anything new. But damnit, I'm The Overlord and this is my blog, so shut up and love it!

Update: It seems this post has been getting a crap load of hits from search engines from some of you sicko's who want to see it. Since I never miss the opportunity to shamelessy plug myself I'm going to keep this post up towards the top for a little while longer making it easier to find and thus increasing traffic to my otherwise pathetic blog. View, hurl, enjoy. BTW, I still think the bird one's funny...

Fun slide show for the weekend

The Emporer has alerted us to a little slide show brought to us by Mid East Truth about the current war in Iraq and the anti-war protestors. Great show for the weekend, enjoy folks.

the slide show

Dad, what's a terrorist?

A disgusting post by David Campbell from This guy is a real piece of work. What a fucking tool, seriously. Treasonous fuckbag. He uses the same old method used by modern leftists of twisting the facts around so that every lie has half a truth to it, and then writes an article pretending to tell his kid about the war. I reitterate, people like him should be sent to dig up some of the mass graves. That is what the left is against us fighting for. How pathetic. The far left these days really makes me want to wretch.

Kerry's slamming of Vietnam Veterans

Mac Owens at NRO online has two great fiskings of John Kerry's actions and claims preceeding the his service in Vietnam. Make no mistake about it, I have nothing but respect for Kerry for his service to our great country during Vietnam. However, his actions afterward are nothing short of reprehensible. He was against the war, I can apprecicate that. What I cannot appreciate however is Kerry slamming and slandering his fellow servicemen who were also serving. Did attrocities occur in Vietnam? Absolutely, just as in any war. But contrar to what Kerry and Fonda and their ilk would have you believe they were not common occurences; nor were they "standard U.S. policy". I would go on (happilly so) but Mac does a much better job of it. I suppose that's why he gets the big bucks at NRO and I'm here writing my itty-bitty lil' blog, but I digress;-). Read Mac's fiskings here, and here.

Kerry disowns SUV

This is just too funny!. From

Friday, April 23, 2004
Kerry Disowns His SUVs; NewsMax Has the Photos

See the photo of SUV hypocrite Kerry. And check out this humongous one.

Just like many fake self-professed "environmentalists" we know, Sen. John Kerry loves to tool around in the SUVs he'd like to deny his fellow Americans. But now he's blaming his gas guzzlers on others, even the missus.

"I don't own an SUV," Kerry claimed Thursday in Houston when a reporter ruined the senator's holiest of holy days, "Earth Day," by asking whether he owned a Chevy Suburban.

The Associated Press reported today: "Kerry thought for a second when asked whether his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, had a Suburban at their Ketchum, Idaho, home. Kerry said he owns and drives a Dodge 600 and recently bought a Chrysler 300M. He said his wife owns the Chevrolet SUV."

The Massachusetts Democrat claimed: "The family has it. I don't have it."

Kerry, by the way, also gets to blame his better half for owning most of those awful energy-guzzling mansions he enjoys roosting in.

This one is almost as good as his "I actually did vote for the $87 billion in Iraq, before I voted against it." Now in fairness, there probably is more to that quote that helps explain it, just as there is probably more to his disownment of his SUV (I still don't get the hate SUV's crowd, I love'em), But it shore does make for some good fisking;-)

A real hero

If you haven't hear already, Pat Tillman was killed in action in Afghanistan today. If you haven't heard of him, it's probably by his doing. He was a true hero and patriot. Not just for serving his country, though that alone should be enough to earn him that, but for the way in which he did it. He was an exemplary specimen of what an athlete should be. He didn't just enlist in the army to serve his country, he walked away from a 3.6 million dollar contract with the Arizona Cardinals, to make 18K a year in the military. And he specifically avoided the media in doing so. Spoons had a great idea on how to honor Tillman, that was echoed by the MSN article:

The Republic reported that prominent Arizonans were calling on the Cardinals to name the team’s new stadium, which is currently under construction in Glendale, near Phoenix, in Tillman’s honor.

Update: Happy to announce that someone has taken the initiative and formed an online petition to NFL commsioner Paul Tagliabu to honor Pat Tillman. You can sign it here.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Happy Earth Day

Did everyone remember today was Earth Day? Did anyone give a rat's arse? Did you all remember to raze a forest and open up a new strip mining operation? Good. Keep up the great work!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A new forum

Full of people for us to hate!! Might as well, cuz they hate us. Why do they hate us? It's not because they want to wage jihaad against us, or because we're right wingers. It's because we don't hate black people, latinos, and especially those evil JOOOOOOSSSSSS!!!! Here it is folks, the Vangaurd News Network Forum, full of a bunch of white-power, rascisit, bigots. As usual, troll away my friends, and open up a can o' whoopass on them idiotorian arses!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Letters Home

Lt. Smash has posted a letter from a soldier in Iraq written to his dad. Very telling, compelling, and moving. Makes me proud as hell to be an American. Makes me happy to know there are people like this out there defending our freedom. God bless them.

BTW: A big thank you to everyone who jumped over to Kevin's blog to help him out. Keep it up, they come in waves and tend to be unrelenting, as trolls often do.

Sadaam to stand trial

You know, I'm exstatic to see Iraq beginning some legitimate judicial proceedings. But is a trial for Sadaam really necessary? Is this man entitled to any presumption of innocence? Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation if you ask me.

The 420 Legacy

Ever wonder where the term "420" started? Don't know what the blue hell I'm talking about? The term "420" is burnout terminology for "dude, let's smoke a dube". It was a term coined in 1971 at San Rafael High School, by a bunch of potheads who wanted to be able to talk about getting high, without appearing to talk about getting high. Now it has evolved into a universal term for getting stoned, and at 4:20 every day, and especially on April 20th (some would like to see this a national holiday), stoners everywhere smile to themsleves, thinking there in on some great conspiracy, and "light up". You would think though, that since most stoners are also hippies, they would want to pick a different day. After all, while they are celebrating their wonderous herb, they are also celebrating the anniversary of the Columbine massacre, and the birthday of a certain Nazi leader from WWII. So toke away guys, toke away.

Detainees in Guantanamo aren't being denied their rights

This story from Rueters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Supreme Court justices on Tuesday questioned the Bush administration's argument that foreigners captured during its war on terrorism can be held at a U.S. military base in Cuba without any access to American courts.

In the first test of President Bush's policies adopted after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the justices seemed closely divided on whether the Guantanamo Bay prisoners can go to the American legal system to challenge their detention.

Several justices stressed they were only considering whether U.S. courts have jurisdiction, not the merits of the claims by prisoners, who say they are innocent and have been held illegally in violation of their civil rights.

U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olson defended the Bush administration's controversial policy, which has come under attack by civil liberties and human rights groups.

John Gibbons, representing the detainees, said the United States had created "a lawless enclave" at Guantanamo. About 595 foreign nationals, designated "enemy combatants," are being held at the base as suspected al Qaeda members or Taliban fighters.

"What's at stake in the case is the authority of the federal courts to uphold the rule of law," Gibbons, a retired judge, said in beginning his arguments in the historic case.

Olson, the government's top courtroom lawyer, replied the federal habeas corpus law that allows prisoners to challenge their detention does not apply to the Guantanamo detainees.

He argued that Cuba, under a lease with the United States concerning the base, has ultimate sovereignty and that places the detainees beyond the control of U.S. courts.

Most of those held at the base were seized during the U.S.-led campaign against the Taliban government in Afghanistan and against Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The first detainees arrived at Guantanamo in January 2002.

The four more liberal justices sharply questioned Olson.

Justice David Souter asked whether bringing people from Afghanistan to Guantanamo was "the same thing in functional terms" as if they had been brought to the U.S. capital.
Olson pointed to a 1950 Supreme Court ruling that held U.S. courts lacked jurisdiction to consider challenges by German prisoners captured by U.S. forces during World War II while fighting with Japanese troops in China.

But Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said the Germans had been tried and convicted by a military commission, unlike the Guantanamo detainees.

Justice John Paul Stevens also seemed skeptical that the 1950 ruling applied.

And Justice Stephen Breyer cited a number of problems with Olson's argument, including that the government's power would be unchecked and its interpretation of the habeas law contrary to "several hundred years of British history."

Several conservative justices, however, appeared sympathetic to the government position.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist said the rights under habeas corpus have never extended "to the battlefield" and he expressed concern about federal judges deciding such cases.

Justice Antonin Scalia said the U.S. Congress, rather than the Supreme Court, could better decide whether to change the habeas corpus law to allow jurisdiction. "Congress could do all that," Scalia said.

It was not clear how Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy, moderate conservatives who often control the outcome on the divided court, might vote.

A ruling in the case is due by the end of June.

© Reuters 2004. All Rights Reserved.

These detainees are not being denied any rights. I know you libs out there would love to smack the military in the face yet again and have these guys released. But the fact is their rights are not being violated. First of all, their not U.S. citizens, thus they are not entitled to the rights guarenteed by the U.S. Constitution. They are actually prisoners of war; enemy combatants/terrorists being held by the U.S. Military. Secondly, they have no place in a civilian court. Terrorism is not a criminal matter, it's an act of war. To contend that these people are entitled to a lawyer and trial and what-not, is to imply that these people are just common criminals. That is not the case. The civilian courts and authorities are just not equipped to handle these people. It's not their job. Seriously, what do these nibbleheads at the ACLU want to do wtih them, give them a little trial and send them to Rayford?

Terrorists counting on the anti-war movement

This from Front Page Mag online:

Al Qaeda Relying on 'Peace' Movements

By Center for Security Policy | April 20, 2004

Borrowing a page from North Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap, Osama bin Laden is making the US and European "peace" movement an instrument of his strategy.
The al Qaeda leader's most recent tape, aired on Al Jazeera April 15, "appeared to mark a new strategy of trying to manipulate antiwar sentiment in Europe to bring pressure on governments that support the United States," according to the Washington Post.

Spanish voters' election of an anti-American socialist in the days following the March train bombings in Madrid encouraged al Qaeda. In his tape, the Post reports, "Bin Laden refers to demonstrations in Europe as 'positive interaction' and mentions 'opinion polls, which indicate that most European peoples want peace.'"

Bin Laden is openly trying to exploit politicial divisions in Europe and the US in the way that General Giap counted on the American "peace" movement to weaken the American people's resolve even though they were winning the war. Former North Vietnamese General Staff officer Bui Tin once said that the "peace" movement was "essential to our strategy."

The open support of Hanoi by Jane Fonda, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark (now head of International ANSWER, which coordinates the largest protests) and others "gave us confidence that we should hold on in the face of battlefield reverses," Bui Tin said. "Through dissent and protest," the US "lost the ability to mobilize a will to win."

Answer of course is Act Now to Stop War and End Racism. They are also a group with heavy ties to communist organizations. Yeah, that's who we should listen to. Just as the anti-war protestors demoralized our troops and undermined the military back then, so do they now. Listen, there's absolutely nothing wrong with voicing your disagreement with the war. But to purposely go out and call for the killing of more American soldiers to get your point across is not just unpatriotic, it's outright treason. I don't care what you want to call it, or what anyone says. It's treason. The constitution allows for peaceful gatherings of protest. What these groups do goes way, way beyond that.

Speak up Citizens!!!

As you know, I have no problem posting pieces written by readers of Freedom Nation. In fact I actually enjoy it. This blog is my method of ranting, raving, and just general venting of my political nuances. If anyone else needs to spew once in a while, feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts, even if you don't agree with I have to say. Just be prepared for a good flogging if you do;-) The following comes to me from Jeff (last name withheld), an 18 year old prep student from Salisbury, CT.

Just some thoughts, free writting if you will.

All democrats do is sit around and attack. “But this isn’t fair, but that
isn’t fair, peace, equality, blah blah blah. You just attack. You and
you’re friends are just sitting around, like the democrats, just waiting
for another terrorist attack. On the other hand, I want my president to
protect me, and to chase the crime. So now...the crime? The terrorists.
You don’t think that we should be in Iraq, helping all those people? Okay
so yeah we've been in there for a year, and there are still terrorists
threatening our troops, and civilians in the streets. We have to use war,
violence to take the terrorists out first, so that we can get to the
people. We’ve been there one year. One year. What is one year in
history? The USA spent 200 years getting to where we are today. The
French and the English fought in a war for 100 years, to become what they
are today. So what is one year? It just can’t take one year to build
democracy over there. After we nuked the Japanese, and after we finished
the nazi party, we spend 5, 6, 7 years in those countries helping them
rebuild themselves, and to build a democracy. The Germans and Japanese
are still thanking us to this day. So you and your friends sit around and
attack bush, you’re anti-bush. So what, is that going to help terrorisms?
Is that how we're going to be safe, by turning our backs, and bashing our
Gov’t? You democrats bash bush, making the world question our country.
“Are they really as strong as they say if the people rise up against
them?” they ask themselves. I mean, I’m not saying you, you’re friends,
or you’re family are, but there are some people in this country,
democratic and very very very liberal that I could strongly argue are

You democrats don’t make sense. You’re points aren’t based on fact, nor
truth. You tell me peace, liberty, and equality is right. You tell me
America takes that away from you, the republicans do, bush does. That’s
bull. Peace liberty, equality? What do you think we're doing in Iraq?
We’re helping those people get it, but before we can start to help them,
we need to take the terrorists out that that are controlling.

But now what I want to know is, what would you do? As a democrat, what do
democrats want different? If they could have their way, how would it be?
Please, tell me. I would love to know.

Democratics: Blinded by the light

I would like to add that we still have a heavy military presence in Japan and Europe. After WWII we didn't cut and run. We won't do that now.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Some noteworthy links

Just wanted to bring to your attention a few links worth clicking on. First, as mentioned before is Boots on the Ground, a blog run by an American Soldier serving in Iraq.

The Founding Fathers Party is a blog type site dedicated to just that, the founding fathers and their beliefs. They have a great discussion forum also.

And finally, for my objectivist viewrs, there is the Objectivists Online Forum, dedicated to the discussion of, well, objectivism.

Click and enjoy

Update: Another one I forgot to mention, though this one's only really good for practicing your anti-idiotorian combat skills, is the dailyKOS. Troll away!

Spains new flag

Cooper has designed a new flag for Spain, courtesy of the Marxist-Islamo-Fascists. Go look at it now!!

The Return

Lt. Smash has returned from a well deserved vacation. Go over and pay him a visit.

Reading Rainbow time

Seems like every idiot out there has a new book coming out right now. And naturally, they're all coming out bashing the Bush administration. And as usual, it turns out their stories are full of holes. I don't really blame them I suppose. Their just trying to sell a book, and let's face it; a story about how great everybody did but, gosh darn it those pesky terrorists got in anyways, just wouldn't sell as well as a "hey look, these guys knew everything, blew it anyway, and planned all along on attacking Iraq from day 1". But, just as Condoleeza Rice did with Clark's book, Colin has already debunked most of what Woodward's claimes made in his new book. You know if this were written about a different administration, say one that leans a little more to the left, there would be people calling for these guys' heads. But I digress. And of course all these guys are under the Viacom belt, which owns CBS, a liberal bastion. I'm not saying that there's a big conspiracy on the part of Viacom, but it's definitely not just coincidence on the part of the authors either. These guys, Woodward and Clark, had the idea to write a book ripping the Bush administration, and Viacom jumped on it. Who wouldn't? In an election year, the sales generated are a no brainer. It's a shame they had to pull this crap while we are at war though. Here's what Powell had to say.

Yellow-bellied fuckbags!

The Spanish government must have thought that the morale of the Iraqi terrorist groups was low, cuz they gave them a big "pick me up" today. Newly elected Prime Minister Zapatero has begun the process of pulling all Spanish troops out of Iraq. Naturally, they claim it has nothing to do with the terrorist attacks on March 11. Of course it doesn't. Actually I do believe that. The socialists in Spain have wanted to pull the troops out from the beginning, but it was the terrorist attacks that pushed the populace to elect to socialist fuckbags. Here's the story.

A call to arms!!

Citizens! A young blogger is in need of your help. A brave young man serving over in Iraq, named Kevin, runs a blog called Boots on the Ground. He is currently under siege and could use some support. If you can spare a few minutes, call up the cavalry and go over there and whip some idiotorian bumm!

Friday, April 16, 2004

Odd little fact

You know you're cursing too much when a google search for "treasonous fuckbag" turns up three links...all of them to Freedom Nation. Should I tone it down a bit??;-)

One last thing

I was going to call it a night/weekend, and then I found something that I just HAD to post. Michael Moore is at it again folks. This time he's praising the murdering terrorist fuckbags that are killing our people in Iraq, then he's actually calling for the killing of MORE people, yes you read right, MORE AMERICAN DEATHS is what Moore wants this time. Of course it's for our own good, so we'll see how wrong it is for us to be in Iraq.

Here's the op-ed on his webpage:


I have never seen a head so far up a Presidential ass (pardon my Falluja) than the one I saw last night at the "news conference" given by George W. Bush. He's still talking about finding "weapons of mass destruction" -- this time on Saddam's "turkey farm." Turkey indeed. Clearly the White House believes there are enough idiots in the 17 swing states who will buy this. I think they are in for a rude awakening.

I've been holed up for weeks in the editing room finishing my film ("Fahrenheit 911"). That's why you haven't heard from me lately. But after last night's Lyndon Johnson impersonation from the East Room -- essentially promising to send even more troops into the Iraq sinkhole -- I had to write you all a note.

First, can we stop the Orwellian language and start using the proper names for things? Those are not “contractors” in Iraq. They are not there to fix a roof or to pour concrete in a driveway. They are MERCENARIES and SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE. They are there for the money, and the money is very good if you live long enough to spend it.

Halliburton is not a "company" doing business in Iraq. It is a WAR PROFITEER, bilking millions from the pockets of average Americans. In past wars they would have been arrested -- or worse.

The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not "insurgents" or "terrorists" or "The Enemy." They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win. Get it, Mr. Bush? You closed down a friggin' weekly newspaper, you great giver of freedom and democracy! Then all hell broke loose. The paper only had 10,000 readers! Why are you smirking?

One year after we wiped the face of the Saddam statue with our American flag before yanking him down, it is now too dangerous for a single media person to go to that square in Baghdad and file a report on the wonderful one-year anniversary celebration. Of course, there is no celebration, and those brave blow-dried "embeds" can't even leave the safety of the fort in downtown Baghdad. They never actually SEE what is taking place across Iraq (most of the pictures we see on TV are shot by Arab media and some Europeans). When you watch a report "from Iraq" what you are getting is the press release handed out by the U.S. occupation force and repeated to you as "news."

I currently have two cameramen/reporters doing work for me in Iraq for my movie (unbeknownst to the Army). They are talking to soldiers and gathering the true sentiment about what is really going on. They Fed Ex the footage back to me each week. That's right, Fed Ex. Who said we haven't brought freedom to Iraq! The funniest story my guys tell me is how when they fly into Baghdad, they don't have to show a passport or go through immigration. Why not? Because they have not traveled from a foreign country -- they're coming from America TO America, a place that is ours, a new American territory called Iraq.

There is a lot of talk amongst Bush's opponents that we should turn this war over to the United Nations. Why should the other countries of this world, countries who tried to talk us out of this folly, now have to clean up our mess? I oppose the U.N. or anyone else risking the lives of their citizens to extract us from our debacle. I'm sorry, but the majority of Americans supported this war once it began and, sadly, that majority must now sacrifice their children until enough blood has been let that maybe -- just maybe -- God and the Iraqi people will forgive us in the end.

Until then, enjoy the "pacification" of Falluja, the "containment" of Sadr City, and the next Tet Offensive – oops, I mean, "terrorist attack by a small group of Baathist loyalists" (Hahaha! I love writing those words, Baathist loyalists, it makes me sound so Peter Jennings!) -- followed by a "news conference" where we will be told that we must "stay the course" because we are "winning the hearts and minds of the people."

I'll write again soon. Don't despair. Remember, the American people are not that stupid. Sure, we can be frightened into a war, but we always come around sooner or later -- and the one way this is NOT like Vietnam is that it hasn't taken the public four long years to figure out they were lied to.

Now if Bush would just quit speaking in public and giving me more free material for my movie, I can get back to work and get it done. I've got four weeks left 'til completion.


Michael Moore

Yup, that's right. I'm not making this up. Don't believe me? Go look for yourself. There's good news though. The big dumbass put his email on the page. I'm sure he screens it, but I want to get enough people to send enough emails so we can crash his server. Or at least irritate the fuck out of him. His email is Click away people, click away!!

Japanese hostages

So it seems that the three Japanese hostages in Iraq were apparently never really hostages. They were allegedly part of an ultra-left anti-war group in Japan and staged the whole "kidnapping". This hasn't been completely verified yet, so if anyone has any info, send it to me so I can get it up. Coop has a good breakdown of what I've found out

*Sigh* Another new book..

Yipee. I stand and do a happy dance, there's yet another new book coming out claiming Bush is a liar and planned to attack Iraq pretty much from day 1. Why is it every election year some yo-yo has a new "tell all book" that of course everyone is just supposed to accept as fact. Nobody ever stops to consider that any of these shmucks are trying to make a book and an election year book is a good way to do that. Noooo...of course it's true, I read it in (insert book title here)!! So now Bob Woodward has this new book coming out saying "that Bush secretly ordered a war plan drawn up against Iraq.". As opposed of course to draw up a war plan and announce it on Al-Jazeera and CNN right? Hey, I'm gonna write a book next election year. It's gonna be a tell my secret love affair with Condi Rice (hey, it could happen). I mean, why not? Everybody else is doing it. And of course, the Washington Post is accepting everything Woodward says as fact cuz hey, he's on of their own right? And everyone knows a journalist would never, ever lie or be biased right? Especially not in an election year, right? Riiiggghhhttt........

The August 6 PDB

As you all know, I don't like to cover the 9-11 inquiry. Mostly cuz it's nothing but a political witch hunt, but also because while we are looking behind us, the terrorists are looking ahead to see how many more of us they can kill. But if you're so inclined, FrontpageMag has a good summarization and explains how it is NOT in fact the "smoking gun" the left was hoping for. Read

It seems maybe it really was for the oil

Just not for us. The U.S. has long suspected ole' Chirac of being corrupt and of doing back alley deals with Saddaam. Well, here's a little more fuel for the fire. We weren't going to war for oil, France was trying to keep us out for the oil. Here's my favorite line from the interview:

This said, we don’t really need the French for much, unless the President decides he must return to the United Nations. Going to war without France is like going deer-hunting without an accordeon.

Absolutely priceless!!

Isn't this illegal?

Isn't it common sense that if you don't want to be discriminated against, then don't discriminate? I wonder if this "manager" actually thinks he is helping his "cause". What a tool.

U.S. soldier captured by terrorists in Iraq

Geez, sometimes it makes you wish that we were at war with the whole country instead of just a few thousand insurgents. Then we could just carpet nuke the country and be done with it Seriously though, there had better be some sever retribution for this. I don't care what branch of the military you're in, NOBODY gets left behind as far as I'm concerned. Maybe it's time regular military stepped back a bit and let the special ops start handling these pockets of "resistance".

Thursday, April 15, 2004

So much for the "shareware" theory

My whole problem with Linux is that they have always claimed that Microsoft held an illegal monopoly on the OS business. They claim that property rights don't really exist on this type of produce. Anyone with sense knows that this is a bunch of crap. Microsoft has what I call, a natural monopoly. That is, they own the market because there simply is isn't any real competition out there. Linux, Microsoft's biggest competitor has stayed so mostly becuase it offers it's produce, basically for free. Which is fine, I don't have a problem with that. It's thier system they can do what they like with it. And I'm not saying Linux isn't a good product. I simply don't use it because a) it's not user friendly compared to windows and b)it's not compatible with most of my software.

Well, with all the rave about shareware and the like, I find it amusing to see a story like this.

Notable posts

The imcomparable Mrs. du Toit has two excellent posts worth, uhm, reposting? In this post she explains the definitions of "treason" and "traitor". And in this post she (yet again) explains why we are at war.

See, there were no WMD's

And this proves it. No, wait, according to this there was something actionable...wait a minute. This can't be right. Sean Penn said there weren't any WMD's, he knows, he looked himself. Of course, the fact that Sadaam was handcuffing the real inspectors, literally, means nothing to people like Penn and Kennedy and Kerry and their ilk.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The human spirit

I never cease to be amazed at the power of the human spirit. There really isn't anything that I could say about this story that I feel wouldn't cheapen it. It's stories like this one that remind us how strong we really are. It's simple enough, but when you think about what this little girl had to deal with, it really is amazing.

Hostages in Iraq

Iraqi insurgents killed one of four Italins being held hostage by the terrorist group calling themselves the Green Battalion. They should change it to the yellow-bellied fucktards. Here's the story. They said they would continue to kill hostages until their demands were met. Of course part of those demands include complete U.S. withdrawl from Iraq and an apology from Italy. Can you say "Suck my ass you murderous fuckbags!"?? Italy has declared that they would not negotiate with terrorists. Good for them, seems they have at least a little more back-bone than their neighbors in the EU.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Presidents' Press Conference

Make no mistake, George W. Bush is one of the worst public speakers I have ever seen. With that said, I think that despite that, he did an excellent job of delivering his point tonight:

-We will not back down from terrorists
-We will not cut and run
-Terrorists are responsible for attacks on America; not this or even the prior administration, no matter what the media likes to put out

And good God the media sharks were out tonight. Pressing the President of the United States to apologize?? Where do these people get the arrogance to demand something like this? If Slick Willy had spent half as much time paying attention to the terror threats this country faced as he did going after Bill Gates we may have prevented this all-together. But as I said, for all his inadaquecies, Clinton is not to blame either. Though I still loath him for the hack job he performed on our military. Anyway, I think Bush handled himself well tonight, though I'm sure the moonbats will some idiotorian comments of thier own.

No heroes in Iraq?

Not according to that great American Andy Rooney. The raving idiotorian-moonbat who anchors for CBS has crossed a line that should never be crossed, especially by those in the media. Insulst the government, fine; insult the President, great that's what free speach is for. But insulting the soldiers who are fighting for your sake around the world is just way, way, to far.


Most of the reporting from Iraq is about death and destruction. We don't learn much about what our soldiers in Iraq are thinking or doing. There's no Ernie Pyle to tell us, and, if there were, the military would make it difficult or impossible for him to let us know.
It would be interesting to have a reporter ask a group of our soldiers in Iraq to answer five questions and see the results:

1. Do you think your country did the right thing sending you into Iraq?

2. Are you doing what America set out to do to make Iraq a democracy, or have we failed so badly that we should pack up and get out before more of you are killed?

3. Do the orders you get handed down from one headquarters to another, all far removed from the fighting, seem sensible, or do you think our highest command is out of touch with the reality of your situation?

4. If you could have a medal or a trip home, which would you take?

5. Are you encouraged by all the talk back home about how brave you are and how everyone supports you?

Treating soldiers fighting their war as brave heroes is an old civilian trick designed to keep the soldiers at it. But you can be sure our soldiers in Iraq are not all brave heroes gladly risking their lives for us sitting comfortably back here at home.

Our soldiers in Iraq are people, young men and women, and they behave like people - sometimes good and sometimes bad, sometimes brave, sometimes fearful. It's disingenuous of the rest of us to encourage them to fight this war by idolizing them.

We pin medals on their chests to keep them going. We speak of them as if they volunteered to risk their lives to save ours, but there isn't much voluntary about what most of them have done. A relatively small number are professional soldiers. During the last few years, when millions of jobs disappeared, many young people, desperate for some income, enlisted in the Army. About 40 percent of our soldiers in Iraq enlisted in the National Guard or the Army Reserve to pick up some extra money and never thought they'd be called on to fight. They want to come home.

One indication that not all soldiers in Iraq are happy warriors is the report recently released by the Army showing that 23 of them committed suicide there last year. This is a dismaying figure. If 22 young men and one woman killed themselves because they couldn't take it, think how many more are desperately unhappy but unwilling to die.

We must support our soldiers in Iraq because it's our fault they're risking their lives there. However, we should not bestow the mantle of heroism on all of them for simply being where we sent them. Most are victims, not heroes.

America's intentions are honorable. I believe that, and we must find a way of making the rest of the world believe it. We want to do the right thing. We care about the rest of the world. President Bush's intentions were honorable when he took us into Iraq. They were not well thought out but honorable.

Bush's determination to make the evidence fit the action he took, which it does not, has made things look worse. We pay lip service to the virtues of openness and honesty, but for some reason, we too often act as though there was a better way of handling a bad situation than by being absolutely open and honest.

source link

I could post a whole bunch of ranting and raving about what a freakin' treasonous fuckbag Rooney is, but I'll leave that to the Emperor. My only comment would be to take the Rooney's, the Sean Penns', the Susan Sarandon's and the lot of them over to Iraq to help dig up a few of these mass graves, see how their attitude changes. Of course, they'd just claim that Bush and Haliburton killed them and placed the bodies there years ago to prepare for this very moment...

Curses Bush!!!!! Curse YOU!!!!

This will not stand! I swear to you Bush there will be retrobution for this! How dare you call a press conference tonight during prime-time television, causing Fox NOT TO AIR 24!!!!! THIS WILL NOT GO UNANSWERED!!!! You will pay Mr. President, oh yes; you will pay...........

I wanna go to Canada!!!

You know, in my heart of hearts, I sincerely hoped that when they said seals, they were referring to hippies. Unfortunately, it's not so. What the blue-hell am I talking about? This story from CNN. They actually get to go around clubbing baby seals. So essentially it's Canada vs. the seals. The question is, which side to choose? Decisions, decisions. You know, as much as I think I would enjoy clubbing some baby seals, in this case I have to side with the seals against Canada. After all, God put Canada there for the explicit purpose of being made fun of the good ole' U.S. of A..

A House Divided Cannot Stand

On March 30, Senator Zell Miller (D) from Georgia; delivered the following statement on the senate floor regarding the rediculousness of the September 11 commission.

March 30. 2004

U.S. Senator Zell Miller
Floor Statement: 'A House Divided Cannot Stand'
Remarks as Delivered on the Senate Floor

After watching the harsh acrimony generated by the September 11 Commission – which, let me say at the outset, is made up of good and able members – I’ve come to seriously question this panel’s usefulness.

I believe it will ultimately play a role in doing great harm to this country, for its unintended consequences, I fear, will be to energize our enemies and demoralize our troops.

After being drowned in a tidal wave of all who didn’t do enough before 9/11, I have come to believe that the Commission should issue a report that says: “No one did enough in the past. No one did near enough.”

Then thank everyone for serving, send them home and let’s get on with the job of protecting this country in the future.

Tragically, these hearings have proved to be a very divisive diversion for this country. Tragically, they have devoured valuable time, looking backwards when we should be looking forward.

Can you imagine handling the attack on Pearl Harbor this way? Can you imagine Congress, the media and the public standing for this kind of political gamesmanship and finger pointing after that “day of infamy” in 1941?

Some partisans tried that ploy, but they were soon quieted by the patriots who understood how important it was to get on with the war and take the battle to America’s enemies, and not dwell on what FDR knew when.

You see, back then the highest priority was to win a war, not win an election. That’s what made them “The Greatest Generation.”

I realize that many well-meaning Americans see the hearings as “democracy in action.” Years ago, when I was teaching political science, I probably would have had my class watching it live on television and using that very phrase with them.

There are also the not-so-well-meaning political operatives who see these hearings as an opportunity to “score cheap points.”

Then, there are the Media Meddlers who see this as “great theater” that can be played out on the evening news and on endless talk shows for a week or more.

Congressional hearings have long been one of Washington’s most entertaining pastimes. Joe McCarthy. Watergate. Iran Contra. They all kept us glued to the TV, and made for conversation around the water coolers and arguments over a beer at the corner pub.

A Congressional hearing in Washington, D.C. is the ultimate aphrodisiac for political groupies and partisan punks.

But, it’s not the groupies, punks and television-sotted American public that I’m worried about. This latter crowd can get excited and divided over just about anything. Whether it’s some off-key wanna-be dreaming of being the American Idol, or what brainless bimbo The Bachelor or Average Joe will choose or who will Donald Trump fire next week.

No, it is the real enemies of America that I’m concerned about.

These evil killers who right now, right now are gleefully watching the shrill partisan finger pointing of these hearings and grinning like a mule eating briars.

They see this as a major split within the Great Satan America. They see anger, they see division, instability, bickering, peevishness and dissension.

They see the President of the United States hammered unmercifully. They see all this and they are greatly, greatly encouraged.

We should not be doing anything to encourage our enemies in this battle between good and evil. Yet, these hearings, in my opinion, are doing just that.

We are playing with fire. We’re playing directly into the hands of our enemy by allowing these hearings to become the great divider they have become.

Dick Clarke’s book and its release coinciding with these hearings have done this country a tremendous disservice, and someday we will reap its whirlwind.

Long ago, Sir Walter Scott observed that revenge is “the sweetest morsel that ever was cooked in hell.”

The vindictive Clarke has now had his revenge, but what kind of hell has he, his CBS publisher and his axe-to-grind advocates unleashed?

These hearings, coming on the heels of the election the terrorists influenced in Spain, bolster and energize our evil enemies as they have not been energized since 9/11.

Chances are very good that these evil enemies of America will attempt to influence our 2004 election in a similar dramatic way as they did Spain’s. And to think that could never be in this country is to stick your head in the sand.

That is why the sooner we stop this endless bickering over the past and join together to prepare for the future, the better off this country will be. There are some things - whether this city believes it or not - that are just more important than political campaigns.

The recent past is so ripe for political second-guessing “gotcha” and Monday morning quarter-backing. And it is so tempting in an election year. We should not allow ourselves to indulge that temptation. We should put our country first.

Every administration from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush bears some of the blame. Dick Clarke bears a big heap of it because it was he who was in the catbird’s seat to do something about it for more than a decade. Tragically, it was the decade in which we did the least.

We did nothing after terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in 1993, killing six and injuring more than 1,000 Americans.

We did nothing in 1996 when sixteen U.S. servicemen were killed in the bombing of the Khobar Towers.

When our embassies were attacked in 1998, killing 263 people, our only response was to fire a few missiles on an empty tent.

Is it any wonder? Is it any wonder that after that decade of weak-willed responses to that murderous terror, our enemies thought we would never fight back?

In the 1990's is when Dick Clarke should have resigned. In the 1990's is when he should have apologized. That is when he should have written his book. That is, if he really had America’s best interest at heart.

Some will say, “We owe it to the families” to get more information about what happened in the past and I can understand that. But no amount of finger-pointing will bring our victims back.

So, now we owe it to future families and all of America now in jeopardy not to encourage more terrorists, resulting in even more grieving families, perhaps many more over the ones of 9/11.

It’s obvious to me that this country is rapidly dividing itself into two camps: the wimps and the warriors.

The ones who want to argue and assess and appease, and the ones who want to carry this fight to our enemies and kill him them before they kill us. And, in case you haven’t figured it out, I proudly belong to the latter.

This is a time like no other in the history of this country, and this country is being crippled with petty partisan politics of the worst possible kind. In time of war, it is not just unpatriotic; it is stupid, and it is criminal.

So, I pray that all this time, all this energy, all this talk and all this attention could be focused on the future instead of the past.

I pray we would stop pointing fingers, assigning blame and wringing our hands about what happened on that day David McCullogh has called “the worst day in our history” more than two years ago.

And instead, pour all of our energy into how we can kill these terrorists before they kill us - again.

For make no mistake about it. They watch these hearings. They are scheming and smiling about the distraction and the divisiveness they see in America. And while they may not know who said it years ago in America, they know instinctively that a house divided cannot stand.

There is one other group that we should remember is listening to all of this - our troops.
I was in Iraq in January and one day when I was meeting with the 1st Armored Division, a unit with a proud history known as Old Ironsides, we were discussing troop morale, and the Commanding General said it was top notch.

And I turned to the Division’s Sergeant Major, the top enlisted man in the division, a big, burly, 6-foot-3, 240 pound African American and I said, “That’s good, but how do you sustain that kind of morale?”

Without hesitation he narrowed his eyes, and he looked at me and said “The morale will stay high just as long as these troops know the people back home support us.”

Just as long as the people back home support us. What kind of message are these hearings and the outrageously political speeches on the floor of the Senate yesterday sending to those marvelous young Americans in the uniform of our country?

I say Unite America! Before it is too late! Put aside these petty partisan differences when it comes to the protection of our people.

Argue and argue and argue and debate and debate and debate over all the other things – jobs and education and the deficit and the environment – but please, please do not use the lives of Americans and the security of this country as a cheap-shot political talking point.

(source link)

Hat tip to Chris for pointing this out to me.

Monday, April 12, 2004

What if Bush had acted prior to September 11?

Ok, I am gonna do this a little bit, but only cuz the work is done for me;-). So let's say for the sake of argument that Bush did have enough info to stop the terrorist attacks on September 11. What do you think would have happened? What do you think the world would be like right now? John Hawkins at RWN has the scoop.

This story originated from The New Repbublic.

"AN ALTERNATIVE HISTORY: washington, april 9, 2004. A hush fell over the city as George W. Bush today became the first president of the United States ever to be removed from office by impeachment. Meeting late into the night, the Senate unanimously voted to convict Bush following a trial on his bill of impeachment from the House.

Moments after being sworn in as the 44th president, Dick Cheney said that disgraced former national security adviser Condoleezza Rice would be turned over to the Hague for trial in the International Court of Justice as a war criminal. Cheney said Washington would "firmly resist" international demands that Bush be extradited for prosecution as well.

On August 7, 2001, Bush had ordered the United States military to stage an all-out attack on alleged terrorist camps in Afghanistan. Thousands of U.S. special forces units parachuted into this neutral country, while air strikes targeted the Afghan government and its supporting military. Pentagon units seized abandoned Soviet air bases throughout Afghanistan, while establishing support bases in nearby nations such as Uzbekistan. Simultaneously, FBI agents throughout the United States staged raids in which dozens of men accused of terrorism were taken prisoner.

Reaction was swift and furious. Florida Senator Bob Graham said Bush had "brought shame to the United States with his paranoid delusions about so-called terror networks." British Prime Minister Tony Blair accused the United States of "an inexcusable act of conquest in plain violation of international law." White House chief counterterrorism advisor Richard Clarke immediately resigned in protest of "a disgusting exercise in over-kill."

When dozens of U.S. soldiers were slain in gun battles with fighters in the Afghan mountains, public opinion polls showed the nation overwhelmingly opposed to Bush's action. Political leaders of both parties called on Bush to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan immediately. "We are supposed to believe that attacking people in caves in some place called Tora Bora is worth the life of even one single U.S. soldier?" former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey asked.

...Bush justified his attack on Afghanistan, and the detention of 19 men of Arab descent who had entered the country legally, on grounds of intelligence reports suggesting an imminent, devastating attack on the United States. But no such attack ever occurred, leading to widespread ridicule of Bush's claims. Speaking before a special commission created by Congress to investigate Bush's anti-terrorism actions, former national security adviser Rice shocked and horrified listeners when she admitted, "We had no actionable warnings of any specific threat, just good reason to believe something really bad was about to happen."

The president fired Rice immediately after her admission, but this did little to quell public anger regarding the war in Afghanistan. When it was revealed that U.S. special forces were also carrying out attacks against suspected terrorist bases in Indonesia and Pakistan, fury against the United States became universal, with even Israel condemning American action as "totally unjustified."

...Bush seemed bitter. "I was given bad advice," he insisted. "My advisers told me that unless we took decisive action, thousands of innocent Americans might die. Obviously I should not have listened."

Everybody else is doing it..

So I'm not going to. Everyone, I mean everyone, is covering this 9-11 inquiry and the PDB, and whether or not Bush was negligent. So I'm not gonna. You really, really, want to know who's responsible? I can tell you. And it won't take no stinkin' inquiry or PDB or even reports from the Dept. of Homeland Security. You ready? Here it is. You sure you're ready for an answer this profound? Are you really ready? You wanna know who's responsible? Well here it is.


See, wasn't that easy?

Movin' on up

Yup, this is a particularly special time for the small yet proud world of Freedom Nation. Sometime early yesterday, we reached our one-thousandth unique visitor. Really in the grand scheme of the blogosphere one-thousand visitors doesn't mean a lot. But it's a big number for me. Especially since word of our little nation has spread mostly only through word of mouth. I've never asked for a link from another blogger. I'm not a "link whore", though I am linked on three blogs that I know of. The first blog to link me was Liberty, then of course the The Superheroes, and the third blog to link me was the Independent1. I've also recently received quite a bit of traffic from The Spoons Experience regarding the Ka commercials from this post. Aside from these fine blogs, my only traffic has come from word of mouth and the occasional hit from a search engine (yahoo, google, etc.. and a lot of those are regarding the commercial believe it or not). Any blogger will tell you it takes a long time to establish a presence in the blogospere. To reach 1000 hits in four short months is pretty encouraging for our little nation. I have seen many bloggers, most notably Racheal Lucas' blog, gone by they wayside in that short time. Some because they didn't have enough time, others because they were tired of fighting a fight against the idiotorians in this country that sometimes seems cannot be won. But, like the current war on terror, it's a fight that must be fought. There's a saying that goes "All it takes for the bad guys to win, is for the good guys to do nothing.". That is more true than many people realize. History is riddled with brave people fighting fights that seemingly could not be won. Some of them emerged victorious, some did not. But they all continued the fight. Just because the odds are against you, doesn't mean you don't try. Indeed, where would this great country be if some had not dared defy the odds? However, in this case, I believe the fight we are fighting not only can be won, but must be won. At least that's my humble opinion (cherish it, you won't hear me use the word humble very often;-P). So without further ado, we return to the battle; of ideas that is.

I would like to express a sincere thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my rambling. Especially those that have posted and emailed me. I enjoy reading and responding to everyone.

What better way

What better way to start the day than with a little show tune? This little diddy comes to us courtesy of the Royal Armourer George Turner. It comes from one of his Troll hunting expeditions at Misha's Place. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I am the very model of a modern left wing democrat.
I vent my spleen and prattle in forums on the internet.
I can’t hold long a single thought. I need to take my Ritalin.
Now what was that you asked of me? Did I just take my vitamin?
I cannot lose an argument, so why don’t you get used to it.
I won’t concede a single point, even if there’s no truth in it.
No matter what you say to me, I’ll post back an ad-homenim.
Regardless of the things you do, you’re all BushHitler’s supermen
They call me Post-It Note’s bleat boy, and I post crap like it was true.
On all the countless websites that my drivel is cross-posted to.

We call him Post-It Note’s bleat boy, and he posts crap like it was true.
On all the countless weblogs that his drivel is cross-posted to.
On all the countless weblogs that his drivel is cross-posted to.

Your weblog I will litter with my often posted snivelling
And you all have to pay the bill, supporting all my drivelling.
My posts sum up in six bad lines of mindless dreck and scribbling,
But lots of carps and doodoo too, plump out my posts with twiddling.
Impossible to penetrate much less on which to cogitate
I don’t see how you can relate, to my simplistic mental state.
I will flame you with invective till you yield to my perspective.
Of socialist utopia when we join the big collective.
My whole outlook is progressive my belief is so obsessive
All your taxes are regressive cause with stuff we are possessive.

His whole outlook is progressive his belief is so obsessive
All our taxes are regressive cause with stuff they are possessive.
All our taxes are regressive cause with stuff they are possessive.

I’m ignorant of simple facts, both social and historical.
So don’t confuse me with your lies, just argue metaphorical.
No matter what you say to me, I’ll argue opposite you see.
If provably you show I’m wrong I’ll change the question joyfully.
My facts are bad, conclusions too, my arguments erroneous,
You’ll be crying oh “boo hoo”, cause I’m so sanctimonious.
My learning is extensive but is nothing more than Chomskyia,
Designed to fan my hatred of the Empire called Amerika,
Your ruler soon is coming down, we'll crush him like a big ass clown
John Kerry soon will wear the crown, so I don't care if you all drown.
I am the very model of a left wing personality.
I intersperse mendacity with vacuous opacity.

He is the very model of a left wing personality.
He’ll intersperse mendacity with vacuous opacity.
He’ll intersperse mendacity with vacuous opacity.

Side note; ten points if someone can tell me where this little diddy originates from;-)

Friday, April 09, 2004

Nothing today

Cuz I'm sick. I've got the mung, called so cuz I've got no other name for it. NO! Shut up!! It is not just allergies!! Look, I've got...blood..yeah, that's it, I've got blood. Er...coming out of my eyeballs. Gushing out, like a lawn sprinkler. Out of my ears too, yeah that's it. Blood out of my eyes and ears!! And...shut is too possible. It's happeneing to me right now....see!! It is too blood. No it is not ketchup...what ketchup bottle...holy crap what's that!!!??? /runs away

Anyway, I just don't feel good so I'm calling in sick today. Besides, I still have to go and try and fix the damage that I've caused to the template. We are coming up on a special time (for me anyways) here at Freedom Nation. Closing in on my 1000th unique (you have to look at the old counter, not the site-meter) hit. Yeah, I know. No big deal, but you gotta start somewhere. So look for a special post on Monday. Also, working on one about what it takes to be succesfull in America. It's really quite simple. See ya Monday (maybe sooner if I'm froggy, but Monday at the latest). Until then, happy Good Friday and Easter. Now if you'll excuse me, I must fulfill my right-wing obligation and go beat up some homeless, starving, disease-ridden children. TTFN

Thursday, April 08, 2004

One last thought

Does anyone else think these fuckbag splodeydope wannabe's have really fucked up this time? I mean really, holding hostage three young Japanese civilians? You know the two things the Japanese hold in the highest regard? Family, and honor. Methinks these retards have bitten off more than they could chew. As if they haven't already by pissing us off. The fuckbag terrorists is in deep doo-doo; the hammer of the Great United States Military on one side, the anivil of the Japanese on the other. Oh I can't wait for the carnage to begin......

Really a hollywood bias?

You know, not too long ago I would have said the Rush and others were just paranoid about the bias of the "liberal media" and the "hollywood left". After reading this, I'm not so sure. I for one won't be going to see this movie. If anyone else does, please let me know if this review is accurate.

Military rules of engagement; Professionals to the last; Good for Ohio

In light of what's going on in Iraq lately, and what with the Marine Corps (God love'em) being the bread and butter of our armed forces; I thought this would be appropriate. I personally like numbers 2 and 25. You pick your faves.

Also, the Emporer shows that the Great U.S. Military is always professional, no matter the environment.

What else can I say but good for Ohio.

Condi's testimony

I purposely have not posted much on Condileeza Rice's testimony in the 9-11 hearings because I honestly think it's a bunch of crap. It's nothing but a bunch of political badgering. For Condi's part though, I think she handed the "inquisitors" (that's what they were) their asses (figuratively speaking). But I have a problem with the President's national security advisor being forced to testify in public. Especially when former President Bill Clinton was questioned in private. Some severe bias going on their from the local socialist fuckbags within our own government. All in all, I think the whole "inquiry" was a freakin joke, but Condi hadnled herself well. I for one would like to see the administration drop Cheney and have Condi as the VP. Hell, they should just put her up for pres, or her and Rummy. I would vote for them. As a side note, I would like to say the I personally think Condi is really, really hot. I mean hot hot. But that's just the sic warmongering animal in me speaking most likely, so take it with a grain of salt:-)

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Nothing new from me today

So I'm just gonna hijack some matierial from some other great bloggers.

Bill Whittle has a taken time from his book post a great editorial about the current situation in Iraq. Read this post, from one of the most eloquent men I have ever had the pleasure to converse with.

Frank at IMAO has a new Know The Enemy about PETA. Funny stuff.

His Majesty has an article about AWOL American Soldiers. Concientious objector my ass. More like fucking cowards.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The spoonsexperience

Just discovered this blog a little while ago. He's got a couple of posts worth mentioning right now. First, he has more comments on Kennedy's little rant.

Also, a pretty good post about the hypocracy in hollywood.

China and Free Trade

Someone told me recently that they won't shop at Wal-Mart because they sell so many products made in China. The human rights violations going on in China are just too extensive to ignore and he refuses to support such a repressive government. Well, it's good that someone has such a standard and that they are willing to act on that principle. But the sad fact is folks, that won't do any good at all. As long as people continue to buy items made in China Wal-Mart will continue to sell them. It's simple economics. There is a demand, and Wal-Mart is supplying that demand. He also mentioned that there should be sanctions against trading with China. Again, it won't do a bit of good. Sanctions didn't work against Cuba, they didn't work against Iraq, and they won't work against China. Now, I'm probably going to catch a lot of flame for this post, but hear me out first. Right now, everyone reading this, I want you to pick up your mouse...that's right, the mouse you're using to browse the internet right now, and look to see where it's made. Odds are it says made in China on there. Same with your monitor, keyboard, and probably even your CPU. Not to mention about a third of the items in your home right now. As long as companies can have products made cheaper in China, and consumers continue to buy them, that's where they will be made. There is no doubt that China (who somehow is on the U.N.'s human rights board) is guilty of countless crimes against humanity. They repress their people like few governments have. But boycotts or sanctions are not the answer. As mentioned before, they just don't work and they only serve to hurt the people, not the government itself. That's already been proven. So what is the answer? Well, you're not going to like my answer. Aside from war, I really don't have one. I have no doubt in my mind that a military showdown between China and the United States is inevitable. We are the world's superpower. China is the one country that hates us enough and has the military might to possibly stand against us. Now ideally, we would do what Reagan did in the eighty's and just wait it out and out spend them militarily. Just let them crumble on their own if you will. That would be the ideal solution as far as I can see. Another "Cold War" if you will. Unfortunately, with the number of countries out there that don't like us, I don't see that happening. Eventually, somebody will hit us or try to hit us, and we will find out China was involved. Or some other country with the financial power will ally themselves with China to keep them afloat. Though I think the latter will just postpone the crumbling effect. China needs to learn, just as the rest of the world does; there is no greater friend, or more fearsome foe, than the United States of America. We can be their greates ally, or their worst enemy. Somehow we need to instill this in (not just) China's head. I would honestly much rather see China change their oppressive government and become a great ally of the U.S., but unfortunatly, I see the latter of the two options happening. We just need to be prepared.

Ted Kennedy and Jessie Jackson

Someone please tell me, why, oh why, these two treasonous fuckbags have not yet been charged with treason against the U.S.. Yes, I know free speach and all that. But I have to admit that nothing would make me happier than to see these two standing in the middle of some street in Fallujah with absolutely NO U.S. military support. Yup, just these two raving moonbats and the Sadaam loving shitheads that live there in Fallujah. Ah, never mind. They'd probably all sit around and talk about how much they all hate America anyway. Why the rant? Well let's deal with Flubby Kennedy first.

This from Fox News:

WASHINGTON — Democratic candidate John Kerry's chief surrogate, Sen. Ted Kennedy (search), accused President Bush of having the largest "credibility gap" since former President Richard Nixon.

Bush "has broken the basic bond of trust with the American people. He's the problem, not the solution. Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, and this country needs a new president," Kennedy, D-Mass., told an audience at the Brookings Institution (search).

Kennedy attacked the administration on the war in Iraq, a war he has said was predicated on a fraud devised to help Republicans in the 2002 and 2004 elections and divert attention from "the administration's deceptions here at home."

Democrats plan to hammer away for the next seven months on the president's so-called "credibility gap" but a new poll indicates that voters have more doubts about Kerry comments.

A recent CBS poll shows that while 52 percent say President Bush says what he thinks, and 43 percent say he tells people what he thinks they want to hear, 29 percent think Kerry says what he believes while 54 percent think he panders to audience desires.

In the Brookings speech, Kennedy accused Bush of "happy talk" about budget deficits that he said makes Democrats appear fiscally frugal.

"The administration's only economic policy is more and more tax cuts for the wealthy. What [President Bush] doesn't mention is larger and larger budget deficits, the largest in our history, mind-boggling budget deficits (search) that make Democrats look like budget balancers," Kennedy said.

Focusing on an array of domestic issues that Kennedy said will add to the deficit, the senior senator from Massachusetts blasted the administration for misleading the public by cutting unemployment benefits and failing to pay for the No Child Left Behind (search) education overhaul.

On the Medicare prescription drug benefit that Bush recently signed into law, Kennedy said the White House deliberately concealed over $134 billion in costs above and beyond the $400 billion the president initially said it would cost.

"This administration misled Congress, misled the public and misled even members of their own party about the cost of the Medicare (search) bill," Kennedy said.

Kennedy has been taking on Bush as one of the most fervent supporters of Kerry, who is seeking to run to the political right of Bush on managing the budget. Kerry has scheduled a week of attacks on the president's budget proposals.

But the president's supporters said Kerry's notion of going on the record as a fiscally-prudent negotiator is a farce, especially since the junior senator was crowned the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate recently by the nonpartisan National Journal magazine.

Officials at the think tank, which prides itself on its own objective nonpartisan policy analysis, told Fox News that they were surprised by the "extent and breadth" of Kennedy's attacks on Bush's policies.

Fox News' Carl Cameron and The Associated Pres contributed to this report.

I tell you what, if 50% of the people believe that a politician is telling the truth, it's a freakin' miracle. And we're supposed to take Ted seiously why exactly? C'mon Ted, your car has killed more people than we've lost in Iraq. Tell us Ted, did you even glance over your shoulder while the young woman drowned trapped in your car, or did you just slither away like the snake that you are? Kennedy and the rest of the left are just mad cuz Bush went on a spending spree and they couldn't go. There's a reason those on the right call Bush Democrat light ya know. But we don't support him for his domestic policies (lucky for him). Right now, with this war on terror Bush is the best man running. Believe me, if there were a more conservative person running who I thought would do as well as Bush on foriegn policy I would endorse him/her in a second.

On to Jessie "The Extortionist" Jackson

Taken from black enterprise as reported by the Boston Herald

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said yesterday that the United Nations should consider sanctioning the United States for its decision to "murder all these people on faulty information" by waging war in Iraq.

Speaking in Boston on the eve of the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, Jackson said the word "murder" was appropriate - if inflammatory.

"When you kill people outside of international law, I'm not sure what you should call it," the civil rights leader said.

Jackson later called the U.S. invasion of Iraq "a crime against humanity."

"Iraqis are human beings, too. We killed them, . . . we executed people on this flawed policy," he said.

Jackson was in the city for a series of events, including delivering an address to the annual 21st Century Black Massachusetts Conference at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center. His speech focused on eliminating the Electoral College. A constitutional amendment Jackson and others are pushing also would give the District of Columbia seats in Congress.

But it was during conversations with reporters before his formal talk that Jackson delivered his harshest comments.

A U.N. investigation into the Iraq war is warranted, he said, because the United States is acting as "our own referee, judge and jury in this action."

"I'm not sure the U.N. has the power to act against us in a miltary way, but they have a right to make a moral judgment," he said.

"As when other nations violate the law, we should have hearings," he said. "Then, actions are determined."

"To whom are we accountable for engaging in such attoricities?" he asked.

Even if no sanctions are imposed, Jackson said, the United States should "apologize" to the survivors of Americans and Iraqis who have been killed in the conflict. At home, he said, Congress should determine whether President Bush committed an impeachable offense in making his case for war.

But senators should not be held responsible because their vote authorizing war in Iraq merely gave the Bush administration the ability to pursue military action, Jackson said. "Congress gave him the option. It was his judgment."

Publication date: 2004-04-04

The U.N. should put sanctions against us? Military action? What about the attrocities commited by your good buddy Sadaam? What about the mass graves? Or is the life of some poor Iraqi not worthy of your compassion? What's the matter Jessie, not enough spotlight attention in standing up for the Iraqi people, or is it that you just can't extort anybody by defending them? You sick treasonous fuckbag.