Saturday, January 31, 2004

Who are we?

Ah yes, the eternal question. If you've seen the Matrix trilogy, you know that it was a question pondered frequently by the stories' central characters. It is a question that philosophers have asked, and attempted to answer for thousands of years. Usually with idiotorian like answers. We've all hear that who and what we are is pretty much pre-determined before we're even born. Whether it's genes, that God made us who we are and we have no choice (BTW, no good Christian should believe that), or that events in our lives that we have/had no control over have made us who we are. And what of those who've gone through Hell and back, were born addicted to alcohol or crack, or with some sort of genetic defect only to become a huge success (relatively speaking)? Well, they were exceptional cases, the average man can't be expected to handle and overcome this time of thing right? Certainly not you or I. Right? Or maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, the answer is so much simpler than that. What if the answer to the burning question "Who are We?", is really as simple as little words. What seven words? We'll get to that in a minute. First let me illustrate my point, and to do that I'm going to take you to a place that has been a part of American life for over three quarters of a century. I'm talking about Hollywood. The silver screen. You might say "But Ivan, how can Hollywood and seven little words answer the great question?". And I would say "Well if you shut up and let me talk I'll tell you.". Sheesh. So let's take a look at a couple of recent Hollywood hits. We'll look into the amazing Spiderman and the Matrix trilogy. "Huh?", you say. "Yup", I say. First the Matrix. Take Neo for example. In the Matrix movies, Morpheus said to "Merv" (Meril VinGi, the french dude) that everything begins with a choice. Merv said that everything was based on causality and the "why". Agent Smith said that existence was based on purpose. The purpose of humans was to supply the machines with energy, the purpose of the agents was to stop the renegade humans, etc. Everything had a purpose, if it didn't, or had served its purpose, it was deleted. Merv said we were all victims of causality, we only reacted to events that transpired around us. Even the One had a purpose. He was to re-integrate into the source, and re-balance an equation. But something happened. He CHOSE no to re-integrate. He chose not to re-balance the equation. He even chose to become the One. He could have never gone back in to save Morpheus, he could have chose to run from Smith in the subway. Even Smith, when faced with deletion chose to hide inside the matrix. At the end of Revolutions (an awful, awful movie BTW) Smith asked Neo "Why go one? Why keep fighting?". Neo answered "Because I choose to.". Yeah, that's nice Ivan, but WTF is your point. Shut up and let me finish and I'll tell you. In the movie Spiderman, look at the two main characters. The hero Spiderman, and the villain, Goblin. Spiderman was bitten by a spider (duh) and the Goblin became so because of a lab accident. Now granted both events were beyond the control of the respective individuals. But what they did afterwards wasn't. Spiderman/Peter Parker, used his newfound abilities and went and joined the local wrestling league. The Goblin on the other hand, chose to go around murdering people. Well it wasn't his fault though, the chemicals messed up his brain, affected his nervous system. Yeah, well Peter Parker's DNA was affected directly, you can't get much more traumatic than that. But Norman Osbourne was crazy, it wasn't his fault. Well, yeah. That is almost a valid argument. Except at some point he did confront himself, and gave in to his darker side. And really, the Goblin was just another side of his own personality. He knew what he was and what he was doing, and he continued with his homicidal behavior. Yes, it really is as simple as that. Modern "progressive" scientist will say that we are born the way we are, that we really don't have any control over it. Freudian type psychologists will say that we are just a victim of the world around us and are no more than a product of our experiences. But it really is just so much simpler than that. It is as plain as the insanity in Howard Dean's eyes. It comes down to those seven little words I talked about. What words? You haven't figured it our yet? If a Hollywood arch villain like the Goblin can figure it out, why can't the rest of the world. We are who we choose to be.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Another edition of WTF???

WTF can you say to this, except....EEEEWWWW!!

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Kerry the Commie...

Does anyone really want this treasonous fuckbag as our next commander in chief??? If anyone thinks yes, please, please send me your name and address so I can come to your house and put a bullet in your hippy/liberal/socialist/commie ass.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Help find this kitty a home

Frank over at IMAO has a kitten that needs a home. Help find this cute little pussycate a home.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Technical Difficulties

It has come to my attention that some of those that opted for an automatic notice when the site was updated are now received blank e-mails every time I publish something. I am aware of this and am working on a fix for this. Sorry for the incredible pain in the arse all those e-mails must be.

New Addition

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MVP's of the business world

Again, John over at RWN has a great article from the Ayn Rand Institute. You can read it here.

Interview with Thomas Sowell

John Hawkins over at did a short e-mail interview with Thomas Sowell. You can read it here. Pretty enlightening for a 10 question interview.

Religion in public schools

And no, I am not talking about Christianity. We are talking about the indoctrination of Islam to our children in schools. That's right folks. So much for seperation of church and state (which btw is NOT what the constitution says). I want to know what's up with the double standard? You can't carry a bible to school (even if there is no endorsed prayer time or whatever in the schools, are there any non-christian readers offended by someone just carrying a bible?), you kids can't learn about capatilism, but hey...let's learn about Islam and yes maybe you too can learn to become a suicide bomber....W...T....F.... You would think the ACLU would be all over this.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The WTC memorial

Another good article by the Ayn Rand Institute. Thought provoking. I agree that there should be a new business center on the old site. I had different reasons though. I never considered this perspective of it.

Remembering MLK

I know I'm late, but I took a little time off. The Ayn Rand website has a great article about Martin Luther King's birthday.

Who the Hell Cares What I Think? Or, Us and Dem

Us and Dem

That's what it basically boils down to. In America, you have a great series of political parties, economic policies, social policies etc... You have the democrats, the republicans, libertarians, objectivists, and to a lesser degree, socialists aka/commies. Then you can break it down into further sub-catagories such as conservative, liberal whatever. We're gonna keep this simple and stick with the two major parties. The Dems and the Pubs. It's easier that way, and honestly most of the others are very similar to and may even fall under the republican platform (libertarians, objectivists whatever). How it really breaks down is which side of "center" the particular ideology falls under. What is the center? Well, in theory it would be the independent, completely non-partisan ideal. Since you and I both know no such a thing exists, and if it did it would probably be the equivalent of anarchy, we are just going to call it the dividing line between the left and the right. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, every political ideology out there falls under either the left or the right. On the left you have the liberals, socialists, communists (the same thing really, just to lesser degrees). On the right you have the conservatives, libertarians, objectivists etc. Basically any ideal that says the government should stay the heck out of our lives and out of our pockets. The leftists believe that the government should have a larger role in the lives of its people. I am kind of generalizing when I say Dem and us, because you can be a Dem without being a Lib. They are just very rare, so for the sake of this post, I am putting them together. In fact I'm going to make it even simpler by putting everything on the right into the "republican" category, and everything on the left in the "democrat" category.

So with that in mind, what exactly makes a democrat and a republican. Well, let's take it down to the simplest parts. Just look at the names. Democrats want a democracy, republicans believe in a (say it with me now) republic. Yes it really is that simple. The democrats are always hyping the "will of the people" and contend that a majority should rule. Republicans believe in the power of a republic, and that people elect "officials" who then make decisions which they feel are in the best interest of the country. Well, what about the majority? I mean, a majority rule sounds right doesn't it? Shouldn't the good of the many be put above the good of the one? (sorry Spock) The problem with that is, you run into a little thing known as "tyranny of the majority". WTF? Tyranny of the majority? How can a majority rule be tyranny if the it's what the majority wants? Allow me to explain. Here's a an extreme example but it will make the point nicely. Imagine that there is a massive, global wide disaster. There are 100 survivors out of the entire human race (who all happen to be in the same place, shut up this is my fantasy...well in my fantasy I would be the only male surrounded my 99 gorgeous fem....uhm, never mind. Don't tell my wife I said that) Now of that 100 people, 70 of them are white, 30 are black. Now let's say that 65 of the whites are racist buggers and decide that the black survivors should be made to serve the white survivors, or even worse put to death. Why? Because the majority said so. Now that's not to say there isn't a danger in the form of a republic either. If you have elected officials who decide that genocide is something that they might like, well you get the idea. Which is why we don't have ONE elected official, we have many. Many that can override each other. Now this does sometimes result in some serious political deadlocks and what-have-you, but in the end it's necessary. It's also why we have 3 separate branches of government, along with the checks and balances system. Anything taken to an extreme is potentially a bad thing. Control to and extreme is tyranny. Freedom to an extreme is anarchy. The bottom line is, with a republic, in which we elect our officials to finite terms (in the cases of governership of presidency, I am of the opinion that all elected positions should have term limits), to make decisions in the best interest of the country, meaning they are there to protect the individual rights of it's citizens. So now that we've covered the main differences in the foundations of the two parties, let's look a little deeper. What does each side (left and right) feel is best for it's citizens. The left believes that the govt has not only the responsibility, but actually the right to govern the everyday goings of not only private businesses, but private citizens as well. They feel the govt should regulate everything to how much a person makes, to how many of a particular ethnic group are in a particular company/college, to even how a parent can and cannot raise their own children. The right on the other hand, is based on the ideals of the founding fathers. The govt has no business in our lives or in private business. It can collect taxes ONLY for the purpose of funding a military. Nothing else. Everything else should be left to the individual. The federal government really was designed with no other purpose in mind. Over the years, liberalism/socialism has seeped in and begun to overtly take over other areas, retirement, health care, making sure those "evil corporations" pay you fairly. The founding fathers believe, as I do, that the American people are and always will be perfectly capable of governing themselves. Sure, you have sh**heads that will try to take advantage of others. There is nothing you can do about that. They will always be there, and in the end, if left to their own devices they will almost always be weeded out.

Guest writer.

An article written by a reader. Thanks to Lori for sending this in, sorry it took so long to put up. She wrote this in response to an article I posted here.

Ruth Rosen (a Jewish name I believe?) has a short memory. When did America get so jaded that we benignly accept lies and falsifications from our leaders. Try Clinton's "I did not have sexual relationships with (Monica Lewinsky)" Or how about "I didn't inhale"? (Come on - what's the point if you're not going to inhale?)
And perhaps she's too young (or too old and senile) to remember Richard Nixon? Uh - yeah - he never lied. And maybe Ruth Rosen never lies either, huh? I mean, is it lying if you are totally delusional and actually BELIEVE what you say and write?
So Sadaam was a threat only in the long run? Geez, I wonder if anyone remembered to tell the Kurds, and Iran, and Kuwait that theory? And don't forget Israel - based on some very good intelligence gathering they decided to "take out" the nuclear center of Iraq. Maybe Ms. Rosen would like to tell them that they should have waited until the "long run" was over. Oh but wait, that might have been too late - you think?
Wonder what Ms. Rosen has to say about whether certain Palestinians are terrorists or not? And I wonder what she has to say about Osama bin Laden (oh - you mean 9-11 was a carefully orchestrated mistake? Perhaps orchestrated by our own government? Like maybe a man wanting to create war would actually destroy the financial infrastructure of his own country - destroying the very economics he would need to fight the war?!? DUH!!!!! Can we say GET REAL!!!!!
Well you know how I am with the Biblical bias - WMD in Iraq or not, the demonic prince of Persia must be dealt with - if he had the balls to fight Michael the Archangel he certainly has the balls to provoke the destruction of the world, starting with Israel.
I say screw Rosen, screw the factious "conspiracy theorists"; I back Israel all the way - even if it means every damned Iraqi, Palestinian, and other "hate for the sake of Allah" peoples have to be turned into lobotomized puppets!
Ms. Rosen - see you on judgement day?

----I would just like to add one thing about Iraq not being an immediate threat. That was the point, Bush wanted to go in BEFORE they became an immediate threat. I suppose we should just wait until someone kills 3000 of our citizens again.

Uhm, WTF????

Thanks to Niel for sending this to me...albeit a loooong time ago. He was right, this is quite possibly the wierdest crap ever .

Apparently they made a sequel.

And then there is....I don't really know WTF this is.

Piss off some Libs!!

Lifelibertyetc has a new t-shirt for sale. I think I'm gonna buy one, or 10. Support capatilism, nuke a liberal!! Click here to see or buy one.

Thar he blows!!!!

Is it just me, or does Howard Dean look like he's off his meds again. Check out the pics and the story at Drudge's site.

Public service message

Them emporer at The Anti-Idiotorian Rottwieler has an important message to share.

WTF?? continued

Stupid people shouldn't be allowed outdoors.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

This just really bugs me.

I want to share a couple of my pet peeves with you right now. Just some things that really bug the crap out of me. Government. Or more specifically, big government. Somewhere along the lines our politicians forgot that the government was really only supposed to do one thing. Protect the citizens of this country. Now you can break that down into smaller categories, but the main themes would be a)military b)border control c)foreign affairs. Now some would argue that protecting the people would also include making sure everyone had healthcare and everyone was able to retire well, and blah blah blah. Socialist crap. Military, that's it. That in my opinion, should be the only theme. The military can protect the citizens, maintain border control, and even handle foreign affairs. This fascist welfare state crap makes me sick. One of the great battle cries of the revolution was "no taxation without representation". Well, we're right back to that. They like to make it look like we're all being represented, but we're not. The fact is, almost all Americans prefer smaller taxes and less spending. The problem is, everyone has this noble purpose in mind about helping their fellow Americans. John Hawkins has a great article over at RWN about what great ideas have done in regards to pork spending. The federal government has one job, protect its' citizens via the great U.S. Military. Local governments have the same job, just in a different fashion. Their protection comes in the form of local law enforcement, fire depts, public schools and the like. Somehow, our elected officials have it in their heads they are supposed to provide us with healthcare, college education, social security, welfare, public housing and other social programs. All a bunch of crap. Socialist crap. One at a time, let's all say it...1...2...3...THANK YOU F.D.R.!!!!!!

Here's another one of my pet peeves. There's an old saying, we've all heard it. It's about eating cake. What drives me nuts is the manner in which this cliche is spoken. Not that it's used in the wrong context, but that almost EVERYONE says it bass ackwards, and doesn't even know it. Think about it, why can't you have your cake and then eat it too? You absolutely can. In fact, having your cake is kind of a pre-requisite before actually eating it. What you cannot do however, is eat your cake, and then have it too. That's right America, you've been saying it wrong all these years. It is supposed to go "You can't eat your cake and have it too". Get it right for crying out loud.

Who the Hell Cares What I Think?

Time for another edition of WHCWIT. Today, I wanna talk about Bush and the democrat presidential hopefuls (and do they even have hope anymore?). I wanna explain something. I am not some neo-conservative, right wing nutjob who is going to support Bush no matter what. I am in fact disappointed with Bush when it comes to several key issues. First and foremost, the out of control spending that began under the Clinton administration that Bush has yet to even address. The tax-cuts are great, but how about getting rid of some of the pork to help out that deficit?? Then there was that abortion of a bill that was campaign finance reform. Why don't we just start wiping our arses with the first amendment while we're at it? Now we've got this illegal immigrant job proposal. C'mon, don't give them jobs...kick them the hell out. They've already broken the law. If I went out and broke the law, they wouldn't reward me by giving me a job.

As far as the Dems go, the best chance they had at the white house (and even he is a long shot) was Joe Lieberman. They've now all but turned their back on him. So they've decided to go with the likes of Wesley Clark and Howard Dean. Let's face it, these guys don't stand a chance. Howard Dean is way, way to angry to run an ant-farm, much less the white house. And Wesley Clark was fired from his job as commander of NATO forces by BILL CLINTON!! For ethical reasons no less. When Bill Clinton is saying someone has an ethical problem, then you know your scraping the bottom of the social barrel. Of course, Bill Clinton is a lying liar you have a real conundrum don't you? And now Bill Clinton is one of Clarks biggest supporters. The whole thing is just a joke now really. The entire campaign of both of these clowns is to bash Bush at every opportunity and avoid any serious issues. I can't wait 'till the Dems nominate one of these jokers and then sends the poor bastard into a debate against Bush. Should be good for a laugh.

Daily News

Hostile Iraqi forces are now turning on their own people. Proving yet again that the Saddam loyalists never cared for their people in the first place.

The Dems are slamming Bush on their way to the presidential nomination (what else is new?). I understand that in politics the job is to make yourself look better than the opposition, but wouldn't be nice to see the Dems take on some issues with Bush rather than just hurl random insults at him?

Oy! Clark slams Bush for being "secretive". How dare Bush not tell the world what his military strategy will be!!!

Uh huh, tell me socialism works and capitalism is bad. Serves these idiotic Europeans right for switching to the Euro in the first place. Socialist morons.

Tell me you hate me

That's right folks. I've added a comments section now. It'll be at the bottom of each post. Simply click on the little link that says "comments" and you can now tell me how much you hate me and wanna see me and my mutant gecko ninja army deported to some third world country. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Just a quick notice

Not much going today. Going to be spending some time working on the site, but not much posting yet. I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with plenty of ranting and raving and lots, and lotsa news. Sorry no WHDIK (What the Hell Do I Know) today. I promise to have some tomorrow. Just so this isn't a complete waste of time, I'll leave you with a little article about good ole' Michael Moore. That fat, stupid bastard is always good for a laugh at least isn't he?

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

One more thing...

If you would like to be automatically e-mailed when I update the site, just e-mail through the link over at the left. Also, I hope to have a counter and a feature to allow comments on the posts I make. Hopefully those will both be up in the near future.

Who the Hell Cares What I Think?

Ok, here it is. The first in a what I hope to be a long, long list of editorial type pieces. This will be simply that, my opinion on a bunch of different crap. Like or leave it, it's up to you. I'm only planning on really covering one topic a day, but since it's the BIG DEBUT, I'm gonna do a few today.

First off, I'll cover this supposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. Let's get this straight. I do not in any way condone homosexuality. I am a Christian (albeit not a very good one often times), and obviously this doesn't fall within that perspective. Now with that in mind, let's talk. Or better yet, I'll talk, you just sit down and read. The more constitutional amendments you have, the more insignificant the constitution becomes. It was created by our forefathers for the SOLE purpose of being used as a guideline for running the government. Homosexuality is, for lack of a better term, a behavioral issue. And I am of the opinion that you don't legislate behavior. That is not the role of the government, especially not the federal government. As a Christian, I believe that one of the most important gifts we have, is the gift of free will. We choose what to do with our lives. That's the way it is. If you don't like the way someone chooses to live their life, to bad. So long as they are not infringing on the rights of others, it's none of your stinking business. Deal with it. That said, in the interest of full disclosure, my best friend, a man I happily introduce people to as my brother, is gay. I don't have any problem being around him. I don't have a problem with my kids being around him. In fact he's very good with them. After all, he's gay, not homicidal.


President Bush has announced that it is time for man to return to the moon.
Now, you may be wondering why, as a conservative, I would be advocating spending a whole crap load of money on going to the moon. Yes, I am against unnecessary spending. However, I am all for defense spending. Yes, I said defense spending. That's what this is all about folks. In the future, whomever controls space, will control the world. Not literally. But whichever country holds the most sway over "space" in the future will have a decided advantage militarily. Not to mention the side benefits of space exploration. There will be new technologies developed because of this that will be of more than just military use. I admit though that military and defense should be the prime objective in this endeavor.


Oh good Lord, will Clark just not go away.
Really, he thinks the commander in chief has been dishonest? What the hell has Clark been doing? And this NATO Anti-terror thing is a joke. Yeah, NATO and the UN have been REAL helpful thus far. Just what we need, another world-wide organization that will do absolutely squat about anything. Here's a news flash for you Clark, the good majority of the UN and NATO would like to see us DEAD!!!

And I think that'll do it for now folks. Keep up this week for more updates.


MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That's right I'm back. And ready to blog my ass off. ARE YOU READY??????

Allllllrighty then. Let's get to it. Standard news.

*First story of the day, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, UCTION, TION, TION, TION. Did you get that, the echo effect? Cool huh? Fox news is reporting that chemical weapons are indeed within the grasp of the mutant gecko....uh...Coalition forces. (Almost revealed the name of the VRWC secret army, close one). Apparently a group of Kurdish rebels got hold of them and were trying to sell them back to Iran. Sheesh.

*apparently the Palestinians/displaced Islamic terrorists are now advocating the orphaning of young children. Awww, look. She blew herself up for the sake of her kids, how sweet.

*Hey, but I thought the economy sucked.

*The jobless rate, uhm, hell I don't even understand this even after the article. But screw it, I still have a job:)

*Here's a good article from the Ayn Rand Institute about Iraq drafting a new constitution. An open letter to Iraq

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

No posts today.

Sorry to all the raging masses out there waiting for me to say something witty and intelligent. I feel like absolute crap right now, and just don't wanna. Might be another couple of days before I do. Those of you that have been sending in your own stuff, thank you. It's really good for the most part and I'll work on getting some of it up later this week, assuming I don't die from whateverthefuckthisis that I've got. In the meantime, here's a few links to keep you jonesing for me to get back. Read, learn, laugh, or whatever. I'm to sick to care.




Glenn Beck

Ayn Rand

These are a few of my favorites. May they entertain you well until my glorious return.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Coming up

Keep checking out the site this week. I'm planning on posting plenty of crap this week, including a bit about myself. Upcoming posts will include
*Why I lean towards conservatism
*My pet peeve on "having your cake"
*A little bit of Ayn Rand (for Niel and Clare)
*Hopefully some more crap spewed forth by Howard Dean
*Stats on minority republicans
*Maybe some humor from RWN or IMAO
*Hopefully much more interesting crap (not that anybody actually reads this crap)

ACLU defending Limbaugh????

Holy freakin' crap. The ACLU, often seen as having a very liberal slant, has announced they are aiding ole' Rushbough.

PALM BEACH, FL - In a motion filed today, the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida said state law enforcement officers violated Rush Limbaugh’s privacy rights by seizing the conservative radio talk show host's medical records as part of a criminal investigation involving alleged “doctor-shopping.”

Japan sending troops for....what?

Japan is prepared to send 700 troops to Iraq to help with the reconstruction process, in an agreement with Britain. However, they have made it clear that should coalition forces come under attack, they should not expect any help from Japanese troops. The troops will not assist in an attack in any way unless they themselves are under attack. Why the hell are they there then? Anyone else think we should nuke these nible-heads again?

Call the Pope, Hell has finally frozen over....

Yup that's right. The ACLU is defending Rush Limbaugh, and I am now going to defend Howard Dean. If you saw last nights' debate (which obviously very few did) you hear Al Sharpton ask Howie if he had any blacks or browns (what the hell is a "brown") on his cabinet. Ok, in the interest of fairness he has a cabinet of what, half a dozen or so? Then you have to have a qualified black candidate apply for the position. Then to put the final nail in the coffin in Sharptons' argument, Vermont (which is the state Dean represents) has a black population of 5%. So in this case I have to side with Dean. Other than this though Dean is an absolute nut-job and should be institutionalized.

Iraq not a threat??

Apparently Ruth Roses of the San Francisco Chronicle if of the opinion that Iraq wasn't a threat .

Let's say for a moment that this Carnegie report is accurate and that Iraq didn't pose an "immediate" threat, only a long term one. Isn't that reason enough? You would think we would learn the lessons of the past...see Nazi-Germany. Imagine if we had disposed of Hitler in 1932, how many lives could we have saved. And at the time they called Churchill a warmonger....

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Why be a Democrat?

John Hawkins over at RWN has a good article up done by David Burge. I think it pretty much sums up what the left is all about. Unfortunately this satire is not really that much of a satire after all.

Why I am a democrat

Friday, January 09, 2004

Oh yeah, also...

You might notice that I've actually got a couple of links over there on the left. I put those up 'cuz they were my first experiences in blogging. They are both pretty right wing stuff, so if you're a lib, prolly won't interest you. But I'm pretty right wing too, so I 'prolly won't interesty you either. Unless you're my brother, who's a lib. I'll probably put up some left wing stuff too, just cuz I like to go there and see what makes'em tick. Anyhow, that's it for now. But keep coming back, I promise to have some cool stuff sooner or later. Once I figure out how the hell all this crap works.......

Hmmm, ok

Alright, let's get one thing straight. This is my first stinking blog/website/whateverthefuckyouwanttocallit, so forgive me if I don't have any cool stuff yet. I'm still learning how the hell all this works, so if you came here looking for cool stuff, sorry. Shut up and love it. Anyways, I'll keep working on it, you keep checking it out, email me anytime you want, and I'll email you when this stinking site is up and running (running well that is).



What happened to the link I posted? What the hell?! This sucks!! I'll try to put it up again, but that one's kind of old news anyhow.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

A "Secret" Photo.....

Uhm, ok. The press has gotten hold of a "secret" photo. If it's such a damned secret, why does my meaningless little blog have it?


Hello, this is my first post on my very first blog. That's all I have for right now. Sorry if you wasted your time to read this. Well, not really. Just thought I'd try and be nice being that it's my first post and all.