Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Guest writer.

An article written by a reader. Thanks to Lori for sending this in, sorry it took so long to put up. She wrote this in response to an article I posted here.

Ruth Rosen (a Jewish name I believe?) has a short memory. When did America get so jaded that we benignly accept lies and falsifications from our leaders. Try Clinton's "I did not have sexual relationships with (Monica Lewinsky)" Or how about "I didn't inhale"? (Come on - what's the point if you're not going to inhale?)
And perhaps she's too young (or too old and senile) to remember Richard Nixon? Uh - yeah - he never lied. And maybe Ruth Rosen never lies either, huh? I mean, is it lying if you are totally delusional and actually BELIEVE what you say and write?
So Sadaam was a threat only in the long run? Geez, I wonder if anyone remembered to tell the Kurds, and Iran, and Kuwait that theory? And don't forget Israel - based on some very good intelligence gathering they decided to "take out" the nuclear center of Iraq. Maybe Ms. Rosen would like to tell them that they should have waited until the "long run" was over. Oh but wait, that might have been too late - you think?
Wonder what Ms. Rosen has to say about whether certain Palestinians are terrorists or not? And I wonder what she has to say about Osama bin Laden (oh - you mean 9-11 was a carefully orchestrated mistake? Perhaps orchestrated by our own government? Like maybe a man wanting to create war would actually destroy the financial infrastructure of his own country - destroying the very economics he would need to fight the war?!? DUH!!!!! Can we say GET REAL!!!!!
Well you know how I am with the Biblical bias - WMD in Iraq or not, the demonic prince of Persia must be dealt with - if he had the balls to fight Michael the Archangel he certainly has the balls to provoke the destruction of the world, starting with Israel.
I say screw Rosen, screw the factious "conspiracy theorists"; I back Israel all the way - even if it means every damned Iraqi, Palestinian, and other "hate for the sake of Allah" peoples have to be turned into lobotomized puppets!
Ms. Rosen - see you on judgement day?

----I would just like to add one thing about Iraq not being an immediate threat. That was the point, Bush wanted to go in BEFORE they became an immediate threat. I suppose we should just wait until someone kills 3000 of our citizens again.