Sunday, January 18, 2004

Who the Hell Cares What I Think?

Time for another edition of WHCWIT. Today, I wanna talk about Bush and the democrat presidential hopefuls (and do they even have hope anymore?). I wanna explain something. I am not some neo-conservative, right wing nutjob who is going to support Bush no matter what. I am in fact disappointed with Bush when it comes to several key issues. First and foremost, the out of control spending that began under the Clinton administration that Bush has yet to even address. The tax-cuts are great, but how about getting rid of some of the pork to help out that deficit?? Then there was that abortion of a bill that was campaign finance reform. Why don't we just start wiping our arses with the first amendment while we're at it? Now we've got this illegal immigrant job proposal. C'mon, don't give them jobs...kick them the hell out. They've already broken the law. If I went out and broke the law, they wouldn't reward me by giving me a job.

As far as the Dems go, the best chance they had at the white house (and even he is a long shot) was Joe Lieberman. They've now all but turned their back on him. So they've decided to go with the likes of Wesley Clark and Howard Dean. Let's face it, these guys don't stand a chance. Howard Dean is way, way to angry to run an ant-farm, much less the white house. And Wesley Clark was fired from his job as commander of NATO forces by BILL CLINTON!! For ethical reasons no less. When Bill Clinton is saying someone has an ethical problem, then you know your scraping the bottom of the social barrel. Of course, Bill Clinton is a lying liar you have a real conundrum don't you? And now Bill Clinton is one of Clarks biggest supporters. The whole thing is just a joke now really. The entire campaign of both of these clowns is to bash Bush at every opportunity and avoid any serious issues. I can't wait 'till the Dems nominate one of these jokers and then sends the poor bastard into a debate against Bush. Should be good for a laugh.