Wednesday, January 14, 2004


MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That's right I'm back. And ready to blog my ass off. ARE YOU READY??????

Allllllrighty then. Let's get to it. Standard news.

*First story of the day, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, UCTION, TION, TION, TION. Did you get that, the echo effect? Cool huh? Fox news is reporting that chemical weapons are indeed within the grasp of the mutant gecko....uh...Coalition forces. (Almost revealed the name of the VRWC secret army, close one). Apparently a group of Kurdish rebels got hold of them and were trying to sell them back to Iran. Sheesh.

*apparently the Palestinians/displaced Islamic terrorists are now advocating the orphaning of young children. Awww, look. She blew herself up for the sake of her kids, how sweet.

*Hey, but I thought the economy sucked.

*The jobless rate, uhm, hell I don't even understand this even after the article. But screw it, I still have a job:)

*Here's a good article from the Ayn Rand Institute about Iraq drafting a new constitution. An open letter to Iraq