Sunday, January 18, 2004

This just really bugs me.

I want to share a couple of my pet peeves with you right now. Just some things that really bug the crap out of me. Government. Or more specifically, big government. Somewhere along the lines our politicians forgot that the government was really only supposed to do one thing. Protect the citizens of this country. Now you can break that down into smaller categories, but the main themes would be a)military b)border control c)foreign affairs. Now some would argue that protecting the people would also include making sure everyone had healthcare and everyone was able to retire well, and blah blah blah. Socialist crap. Military, that's it. That in my opinion, should be the only theme. The military can protect the citizens, maintain border control, and even handle foreign affairs. This fascist welfare state crap makes me sick. One of the great battle cries of the revolution was "no taxation without representation". Well, we're right back to that. They like to make it look like we're all being represented, but we're not. The fact is, almost all Americans prefer smaller taxes and less spending. The problem is, everyone has this noble purpose in mind about helping their fellow Americans. John Hawkins has a great article over at RWN about what great ideas have done in regards to pork spending. The federal government has one job, protect its' citizens via the great U.S. Military. Local governments have the same job, just in a different fashion. Their protection comes in the form of local law enforcement, fire depts, public schools and the like. Somehow, our elected officials have it in their heads they are supposed to provide us with healthcare, college education, social security, welfare, public housing and other social programs. All a bunch of crap. Socialist crap. One at a time, let's all say it...1...2...3...THANK YOU F.D.R.!!!!!!

Here's another one of my pet peeves. There's an old saying, we've all heard it. It's about eating cake. What drives me nuts is the manner in which this cliche is spoken. Not that it's used in the wrong context, but that almost EVERYONE says it bass ackwards, and doesn't even know it. Think about it, why can't you have your cake and then eat it too? You absolutely can. In fact, having your cake is kind of a pre-requisite before actually eating it. What you cannot do however, is eat your cake, and then have it too. That's right America, you've been saying it wrong all these years. It is supposed to go "You can't eat your cake and have it too". Get it right for crying out loud.