Monday, January 31, 2005

Terribly Sorry

Folks for being absent for so long without an explanation. See, things in The Overlord's home have been very hectic as of late. And while things are still not back to their "pre-hectic" levels, they have settled down enough I can spare a little time for your blogging enjoyment. So for those that have been faithfully checking back waiting for an update, I offer a sincere apology, and thank you.

Jesus was a Liberal?

I know many of my readers (many of whom I consider good friends) don't follow the same faith I do. With that in mind my non-believing friends may wish to skip over this post and wait for tommorrow's post. Or read on, and take a while to think about what I have to say. I look forward to reading what everyone has to say about this one, especially the non-believers.

I was at work the other day talking with a customer. Nothing unusual, very pleasant in fact. She was very friendly and I was happy that I had the time to spare to chat with her and answer her questions. She got into her car and backed up to pullout, and as she drove off I saw a bumper sticker on the back of her car that read "Jesus Was a Liberal".

It got me to thinking a little (I do that from time to time). I thought about that bumper sticker for the better part of a day and what it might mean. What I finally realized is this. Most liberals probably do in their hearts believe Jesus was a liberal. They have to, it's the only way they can reconcile the two. The conclusion that this brings me to is this: Liberals have no idea what being a Christian really means.

Jesus was a liberal. The problems with this statement are just too numerous to mention. When you consider the simple fact that most liberals support abortion rights and homosexual marriage that pretty much excludes them from the Christian faith. But that's not the real problem I had with the alleged bumper sticker.

Jesus was a liberal. Liberals will argue their point by saying that Jesus believed in helping the poor. They will say that Jesus was anti-war. They will argue this saying that Jesus told us not to judge people. Of course anyone who's actually read the Bible knows that these arguments are nothing more than selective quotes taken out of context for their own ends. Conservatives believe in helping the poor, we simply have a different idea on how to do it. In fact statistics show that conservatives are more giving than their liberal counterparts are with regards to donations. Jesus is not anti-war. If fact he himself said he did not come to unite us, but to divide us. Jesus did not tell us not to judge, He told us to judge rightly and justly. He warned us that we will be judged the same way we judged others.

Jesus was a liberal. But I'm going to put all of this aside, because it still doesn't address my problem with this lady's bumper sticker.

Jesus was a libera. Still don't get what I'm trying to point out? Let me explain. See, Jesus wasn't a liberal. Jesus wasn't a conservative. He wasn't ati-war or pro-war. He wasn't a socialist or a libertarian. In fact, Jesus wasn't anything. Still don't get it? That's right, Jesus wasn't anything. What Jesus IS is the Son of God and the living Messiah. Jesus is not nor ever has been concerned with whome the American people elect for president. Nor is He concerned with whether the we go in and topple Saddamm Hussein or leave him be. He is concerned with whether or not we accept that He died for our sins and whether or not we accept Him as our savior and only means for escaping eternal damnation. People are constantly concerned with whether or not Jesus is "on their side". We should be more concerned with whether or not we are on His side. You don't have to believe in Hell to be condemned to spend eternity there. You don't have to believe in or accept Jesus to be judged and shunned by Him. Trying to place a political label on the Living Christ is nothing short of preposterous. Anyone who attempts to do so will at some point have to answer for their arrogance towards the living God.

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