Monday, July 26, 2004

Glad it wasn't me

Boy I tell you what. If anything can ruin your day, it's having a car thrown at you. That has got to hurt. You can read the whole story about the crash here.


Planned parenthood is offering, for the low low price of just 15$, a brand new T-Shirt. Yes, you too can be the proud owner of an "I Had an Abortion" t-shirt. I bet these jack-a$$'es are just drooling for the day they can force an abortion of ever woman for the low, low price of 15$. Better yet, just continue to socialize modern medicine and the taxpayers can foot the bill.

Funny for the Day

Today's "funny for the day" comes to us via Mike, at the Christian Conservative Blog. So go check out the DNC Loveboat. Click, watch, laugh.


As usual The Overlord assumes no liability for damaged keyboards or other hardware caused by liquid/food spewed out during fits of laughter.

The Troops Still Don't Want More

Black Five has a more in depth explanation of how the troops are reacting to Moore's film.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Troops don't want More

Err, that should be, don't want Moore. Courtesy of The INDC Journal, a few words about how our brave men and women feel about Mr. Moore.

Hey, that's MY kool-aid!!

Hey!! The Dude(ette) at A Small Victory is totally trying to steal my gig!! Ggrr!! Looks like it's time to take the MGW's on a "training excericise"... Whad'ya think?

P.S.--A Small Victory is a cool blog, but I'm still not willing to give up my job!!

It's ALIVE!!!!!

That's right folks!! Whittle's posted again!!

A Soldier's response

Let's go into the way back machine here folks, and take a look at a post I made waaayyyy back in April about an editorial done by Andy Rooney. Well, it took some time (understandably), but there is now a legitimate response to Andy Rooney from non-other than those he is disparaging. So if you good soldiers of FN would be so kind as to go back and read the old post, then read what the soldiers had to say about it.

I say kill the terrorists

George Sorros says understand them. According to his new plan for the FBI, the military and all law enforcement would change their roles from protecting it's citizens from harm, to being a bunch of politically correct therapists. I suppose the plan is that we'll all feel so warm and fuzzy and good inside that we won't notice the terrorists ramming bombs up our bumb.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Aaww shucks

Just breaks your heart doesn't it? To see another liberal fired for espousing their political views while on the clock. They just don't seem to realize that not everyone agrees with them, whether they believe it or not. You know your career is really in the toilet when you get fired by a near bankrupt casino!!

Why Microsoft and Bill Gates Rule

So uh, does anyone own stock in Microsoft? Man, I love Bill Gates. Don't you wish you could clean out your couch and find $75 million dollars?

Monday, July 19, 2004

Again from Smash

He points out what it was all about. Go read as he explains some of the fruits of our labors.

Democrats are "Girly Men"

Or so says Ahhnold, the Governator of California. Smash explains.

Oh Yeah!!

So this is why the U.N. sucks so badly.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Canada must go!!

This, is why we should invade Canada. Now!! People like this are the reason abortions are still legal. Parents are afraid that their children will turn into one of these. Then again, if there were any parenting involved, this wouldn't happen...but I digress.

If you wanna see a good fisking, Bloodspite does a masterful job of it, worthy even of The emperor himself.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Vietnam revisited?

It would seem so. But not on the front lines. Oh no. In this case the front lines are actually amazingly secure. Yes there is inserection, etc. etc.. But considering that the casualty rate among our soldiers is incredibly low, there really is no Vietnam comparison. No, the revisitation of one of America's darker hours occured right here in the good ole' U.S. of A.. What do I mean? Does the phrase "baby killer" ring a bell? Yeah, I thought so. Read this article, and see what I mean. Then, get really, really pissed. Then, start considering ways we can nuke Seattle and not have it traced back to the RWA.

For a bright spot go here and show your support to this poor soldier and his family.


Click. Watch. Laugh.

Disclaimer: The Overlord assumes no responsibility for damaged monitors, keyboards, or other hardware damaged from beverages spewing from the mouths of individuals due to extreme laughter.

Friday, July 09, 2004

A new adversary!!

Yay! I'm happy! I've found someone new to direct my aggression against!

This unknown person who's made his home at Iraq War Wrong Blog, has discovered THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR TIME!!!! The Iraq war!!! The Iraq war? The most important issue of our time? I'm sure the survivors of the holocaust will be happy to know that. And I'm sure the millions of people murdered by Saddam and dumped into the mass graves (and those that weren't even given he dignity of a grave) will be happy to know that the war to liberate their surviving countrymen was wrong.

I'm looking forward to having lots of fun at this guys expense. Not that I hate him mind you, he's just someone with a different viewpoint then me. But heck, we evil conservatives have to direct our aggression somewhere, right? Seriously, I'm looking forward to some serious, polite (heh), sincere debate with this fellow....

Anyway, go check his blog out. I'm a compassionate Right Wing Overlord, I know how to share my prey;-)

Hussein's Constitutional Rights?

Attorney Curtis Doebbler is appealing to United States Supreme Court on behalf of Saddam Hussein, in an effort to declare his detention unconstitutional. Huh?? Unconstitutional because.....why? Well, what would you expect from someone who had to say this about the United States military:

"The world's most powerful army is an army of cowards. They are soldiers who are willing to risk the lives of innocent civilians to protect their own. I don't know about my fellow Americans, but I don't feel very much protected by such cowards."

Ah, you can just feel the hypocrisy now can't ya?

And I'm still having trouble with why Hussein's imprisonment is unconstitutional. Doebbler says it's because:

the detention of the 67-year-old violates multiple international laws and his constitutional Fifth Amendment right not to be deprived of "life, liberty or property without due process." ...

I would pointy out the millions of people who were deprived of their lives by this lunatic, not to mention their liberty or pursuit of happiness, but I digress. Hasn't Hussein already been determined to be guilty? Isn't that why we went to war in the first place?

Another conundrum brought about by this whole thing is the question as whether or not non-U.S. citizens are entitled the rights protected (not granted) by the constitution? In my not so humble I know that's not many of my esteemed readers want me to say, especially not those who follow the path of the Founding Father's Party or Objectivists or even some of my conservative friends. Many of you would argue that every man is born with the same rights, and should be entitled to the same protection of those rights as we are. And to a certain degree I agree with that. But if we went out he**-bent on protecting the rights of everyone all over the world, we would essentially have to go to war with the better part of the world. Not that we couldn't do that, but we it's just not practical. We have to realize that there are those who actually PREFER to live in a socialist or communist society. I have no idea why, but they do. In order to protect these rights, we have to offer a safe haven for those who value those same beliefs; not go around the world cramming them down the throats of other countries. But isn't that what we did in Iraq? Well, yes. But the difference is...American interests were directly involved with the liberation of Iraq, and the entire ME for that matter. Iraq had to be liberated in order to guarantee our protection, both militarily and to a lesser degree, economically.

Thanks to Emperor Misha, who does (as usual) a masterful job of fisking this article, which you can read in its' entirety here.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Overlord is Happ happ happy!!!

Well I finally got my broadband connection up today. Standard installation was of course standard. Wasn't necessary though. All I wanted the guy to do was run the wire and drop off the modem, I was ready to do the rest. But alas he had to do it. Some type of "liability issue" or whatever. I don't care, just run the line, gimme my modem and get the he** out dude. But whatever, it's up and running now, so I'm happy. Nice too. I ran a connection test today, I'm downloading at about 2000 KBS, and uploading at about 225 kbs. That's better than my old DSL connection. Heck, it's even better than a Time Warner/Brighthouse.

Speaking of being happ, happ, happy, Mike Wilson, the young man directing the documentary called, "Michael Moore Hates America", has a new trailer on his website. Check it out.

John's new John

So as I'm sure you've heard, John Kerry has chosen his new running mate, John Edwards, the fourth most liberal senator in the country. Speaking of which, guess who the first is. I'll give you a hint, it ain't Ted Kennedy. I'll give you another hint, his name is John too. Choosing Edwards wasn't much of a surprise to me really. Despite the way Kerry insulted Edwards during the primaries, Edwards has something he desparately needs....charisma. In case you haven't noticed, Kerry has none.

Something that did surprise though, is that this time the GOP was prepared for this. And unlike with most moves by the DNC in recent years, the GOP retaliated swiftly, and came out with all guns a'blazin'. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. After all this time watching the GOP let the left kick them around, it's nice to see they may actually "have a set".

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Modern Liberalism

We hear a lot of talk from the left these days about how liberalism is the "ism" of the future. Liberals are all about compassion, they care about people and they work towards the common good. Right leaning individuals on the other hand, well we don't care about people. We're evil, profiteering, war mongering pigs. Just read what Edward Feser has to say about a prominent leftist:

He had been something of a bohemian in his youth, and always regarded young people and their idealism as the key to progress and the overcoming of outmoded prejudices. And he was widely admired by the young people of his country, many of whom belonged to organizations devoted to practicing and propagating his teachings. He had a lifelong passion for music, art, and architecture, and was even something of a painter. He rejected what he regarded as petty bourgeois moral hang-ups, and he and his girlfriend "lived together" for years. He counted a number of homosexuals as friends and collaborators, and took the view that a man's personal morals were none of his business; some scholars of his life believe that he himself may have been homosexual or bisexual. He was ahead of his time where a number of contemporary progressive causes are concerned: he disliked smoking, regarding it as a serious danger to public health, and took steps to combat it; he was a vegetarian and animal lover; he enacted tough gun control laws; and he advocated euthanasia for the incurably ill.

He championed the rights of workers, regarded capitalist society as brutal and unjust, and sought a third way between communism and the free market. In this regard, he and his associates greatly admired the strong steps taken by President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal to take large-scale economic decision-making out of private hands and put it into those of government planning agencies. His aim was to institute a brand of socialism that avoided the inefficiencies that plagued the Soviet variety, and many former communists found his program highly congenial. He deplored the selfish individualism he took to be endemic to modern Western society, and wanted to replace it with an ethic of self-sacrifice: "As Christ proclaimed 'love one another'," he said, "so our call -- 'people's community,' 'public need before private greed,' 'communally-minded social consciousness' -- rings out.! This call will echo throughout the world!"

The reference to Christ notwithstanding, he was not personally a Christian, regarding the Catholicism he was baptized into as an irrational superstition. In fact he admired Islam more than Christianity, and he and his policies were highly respected by many of the Muslims of his day. He and his associates had a special distaste for the Catholic Church and, given a choice, preferred modern liberalized Protestantism, taking the view that the best form of Christianity would be one that forsook the traditional other-worldly focus on personal salvation and accommodated itself to the requirements of a program for social justice to be implemented by the state. They also considered the possibility that Christianity might eventually have to be abandoned altogether in favor of a return to paganism, a worldview many of them saw as more humane and truer to the heritage of their people. For he and his associates believed strongly that a people's ethnic and racial heritage was what mattered most. Some endorsed a kind of cultural relativism according to which what is true or false and right or wrong in some sense depends on one's ethnic worldview, and especially on what best promotes the well-being of one's ethnic group.

Is Feser talking about Kerry, the Democratic nominee for president? Not quite. Howard Dean, the raving lunatic from Vermont? Nope. Maybe it's the leftist's Meccah ole' Billy Clinton himself. That would be a good guess, but it'd be wrong. He's actually not referring to any modern leftist at all. He is in fact referring to the Furer himself, Adolf Hitler.

Amazing isn't it? Sounds like a description of a modern leftist/socialist. It doesn't mention his hatred of Jews, but even anti-semmetism has seemingly become a stigma of modern liberalism today. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that today's liberals are the next Hitler. All I'm saying is, it's an awfully slippery slope.

There's more to this story if you care to go read it. I caution you, it's a long read, but well worth it.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th everyone!! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I will. We'll be at the Lovely Mrs' aunt and uncles for a cookout this evening. Then after dinner we'll head down to the Air Force Base for what I hear is an incredible fireworks display. I'm sure it'll be a great day, and I hope it is for everyone else also. But while we're out there having fun; standing over our BBQ grills, lighting the fuses on our firecrackers, and in some cases throwing back a few, we shouldn't forget to take a moment to remeber how it is we got here, or why it is we really celebrate the 4th of July. How many of us are going to take the five minutes it takes to explain to our children why we celebrate this particular day, why this day is so important? I hope everyone will take a moment and consider what this day really means to all of us. On this day, 228 years ago, a group of men, at the peril of their own lives, signed their names to a document that would forever change the course of the world. The very act of signing their names to this document, ensure that should they fail, they would all be certainly face exectution. Indeed, many of these men were punished by the throne, execution, siezure of their property, imprisonment of theirselves or even their families. These men risked everything so that they and their families and descendants would know freedom. They had a vision for this great nation and were willing to risk everything for that vision. So somewhere in between the burgers and the weenies, take a moment and remember those that risked everything to make possible this great nation, the greatest nation on the face of this Earth. And just as important, take a moment to remember those whome still risk everything to ensure that those freedoms remain ours to enjoy. Happy 4th, and God bless.