Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oh for crying out loud

At least when the left compares Bush to Hitler, they are still comparing him to a human being.

HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher compared first lady Laura Bush to "Hitler's dog" during his Friday night cablecast, after flashing a parody photo of Mrs. Bush with a black eye, as if she'd been a victim of domestic abuse.

And these retards wonder why they keep losing elections. I'll give ya a hint morons, it's not cuz they're rigged..

"I think tomorrow you might be sorry you said that. Laura Bush is very gentle and talented," Hitchens warned.

Even a fellow democrat says he's going to far. Could Bill Maher be any less significant???

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I think this one belongs

In the "who in the blue he!! cares?"category. Did you know Cindy Sheehan was arrested? Did you care? Are you asking yourself right now, Cindy who?

File this one under WTF??

Getting a ticket for sitting on a park bench?? Seriously, that's what this woman got a ticket for. Uh huh..... Well, you know what they say about commen sense.....

*Blink, blink*

Hey, look everyone...I'm alive!! Yeah, so my internet connection was down for what seemed like forever. But it's back, which means I'll be back quick fast and in a hurry to tell you all what to think.

Oh yeah, Knology customer service leaves much to be desired.....

Monday, September 19, 2005

Drive by posting

Dunno why I'm posting this, other than the fact that black holes are really, really, cool.

Oh yeah, and kudos to the Tampa Bay Bucs on going 2-0.

Oh yes, what a great day indeed. My football team is undefeated, and black holes are sucking up invisible galaxies. Life is indeed good!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Journalist fired for profiling views

Disclaimer: I don't believe this young girl's rights were in any way violated. Her employer has the right to terminate her employment at any time, for any reason. I just don't believe their reason for terminating her.

WASHINGTON — A student journalist accused of misleading those she interviewed for an inflammatory column about racial profiling of Arabs has been fired, the editor said.

Columnist Jillian Bandes (search) told three campus sources — two Arab students and a professor who teaches a course on Arabic — she was writing an article about Arab-American relations, Daily Tar Heel opinion editor Chris Coletta wrote in an article published Thursday.

Instead, Bandes' column, published in the paper Tuesday, argued that racial profiling of Arabs was essential to national security. The column began with the line, "I want all Arabs to be stripped naked and cavity-searched if they get within 100 yards of an airport."

The Daily Tar Heel (search) is the student paper at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The column resulted in numerous complaints but also expressions of support for Bandes' views.

Coletta said he did not fire Bandes for her views, but because all three people she quoted in the column — students Sherief Khaki (search) and Muhammad Salameh and professor Nasser Isleem — thought they were to be interviewed about Arab-American relations after Sept. 11, 2001, not a column in support of racial profiling.

In the column, Bandes quoted the conservative commentator Ann Coulter saying that "any time she had a need for physical intimacy, she would simply walk through an airport's security checkpoint." Some travelers have complained about overly intrusive physical searches at airports.

"I want Arabs to get sexed up like nothing else," Bandes wrote. "And Arab students at UNC don't seem to think that's such a bad idea."

She then quoted Khaki, Salameh and Isleem speaking in support of airport security measures. The newspaper said they never intended to endorse being "sexed up."

Bandes was fired because "she strung together quotes out of context. She took sources' words out of context. She misled those sources when she conducted interviews," Coletta wrote. "In other words, she conducted journalistic malpractice."

Bandes was interviewed on several talk radio shows Thursday. In an article in the Carolina Journal, which is published by the conservative John Locke Foundation, Bandes said Coletta gave her no opportunity to defend herself before she was fired. Bandes said she didn't believe her column violated any journalistic standards.

"I wanted to get people talking," Bandes said. "I did that. It also got me fired."

If what she allegedly did was a violation of journalistic standards, why does the entire staff of the New York Times still have their job?

Just a thought.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Just a belated and well deserved congratulations to the to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday over Minnesota.

Detriot here we come!!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Anniversary of evil

And of heroes. Please take the time to remember those who lost their lives four years ago. Remember those too who risked and gave all to protect their fellow citizens.

This is all I'll post today. Everything else will wait until tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the opening of the the regular season today. It's the way it should be, getting on with our lives. But we must never, ever forget what happened that day. Take care and God bless.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bush was steering Katrina like a video game!!!!!

Break out the tin-foil hats folks, we're gonna have us a good ole' fashioned black helicoptor party!!!

Straight from the DU (cuz even Alfred Hitchcock couldn't make this up):

PROOF THAT THEY KNEW ABOUT 9/11 is how they're handling N.O.!

On 9/11 they had a PLAN.

When they're caught by surprise, they have no idea what to do and thousands of U.S. citizens are left hungry and thirsty for days (and still counting)!

I'm telling you, this is PROOF!

"The Whole World's Watching!"
"The Whole World's Watching!"
"The Whole World's Watching!"

I like to imagine the the poster is foaming at the mouth while it posts. Mostly because it's funny but it's also probably true.

Some of the responders are just as good:

1. I don't know-- I think they might have even planned this disaster

in some sick way-- blown the levee or something.

I wouldn't put it past them.

What do you think they were planning this past five weeks anyway?

check out my lonely DU post about how funds got diverted

and one way out site says the FEMA fascist sabatoged the Levees

This is a war ..a battle for control of your very soul.

Here's where it gets really good:


Maybe the hurricane was induced by Scalar weaponry? Am I nuts?

check out HAARP technology

the military has ways of changing the weather

what?? the US military are the good guys

SURE !! HAARP and SCALAR and more stuff aka like James Bond movies..ALL FOR THE ELITES to control the paupers

Military is another tool for the elites..

My personal favorite:

The hurricane can occur normally but just be steered in

the right direction using HAARP or similar technologies.

We need some meteorologists to look closely at the trajectory to see if anything unusual was observed.

That is a very strange turn the hurricane takes around Florida.

Is that normal at all? Could they have steered that storm into NOLA?

proof by sequence and logic

Its proof by the observable progression of questionable geo-political events that have happened primarily during Bush 43s tenure to date. These events very possibly being staged by an Anglo-American-Zionist geo-political faction.

Uhm, what does that even mean???

I don't know about you, but I personally hope that the DU is around for a long, long time. The comedy value alone is priceless, and Lord knows we all need a good laugh every now and then.

Disclaimer and full disclosure:
Link hijacked from Conservative Underground

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina Timeline

A well done timeline of the disaster caused by hurricane Katrina done by Ron at the Right Wing NutHouse. Looks like he put a lot of effort into this. He's also asking for any updated info/corrections if anyone has them.

Hat tip to Stop the ACLU for the link.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Thinking outside the box

Usually, teenagers are trying to get off the bus. Give him credit for being creative, if nothing else. In the same situation I probably would have done the same.

HOUSTON -- NEWSCHANNEL 5 crews were in Houston as some desperate refugees arrived in a stolen bus.

HOUSTON -- Thousands of refugees of Hurricane Katrina were transported to the Astrodome in Houston this week. In an extreme act of looting, one group actually stole a bus to escape ravaged areas in Louisiana.

About 100 people packed into the stolen bus. They were the first to enter the Houston Astrodome, but they weren't exactly welcomed.

The big yellow school bus wasn't expected or approved to pass through the stadium's gates. Randy Nathan, who was on the bus, said they were desperate to get out of town.

"If it werent for him right there," he said, "we'd still be in New Orleans underwater. He got the bus for us."

Eighteen-year-old Jabbor Gibson jumped aboard the bus as it sat abandoned on a street in New Orleans and took control.

"I just took the bus and drove all the way hours straight,' Gibson admitted. "I hadn't ever drove a bus."

The teen packed it full of complete strangers and drove to Houston. He beat thousands of evacuees slated to arrive there.

"I t's better than being in New Orleans," said fellow passenger Albert McClaud, "we want to be somewhere where we're safe."

During a long and impatient delay, children popped their heads out of bus windows and mothers clutched their babies.

One 8-day-old infant spent the first days of his life surrounded by chaos. He's one of the many who are homeless and hungry.

Authorities eventually allowed the renegade passengers inside the dome. But the 18-year-old who ensured their safety could find himself in a world of trouble for stealing the school bus.

"I dont care if I get blamed for it ," Gibson said, "as long as I saved my people."

Sixty legally chartered buses were expected to arrive in Houston throughout the night. Thousands of people will be calling the Astrodome "home," at least for now.

It kind of begs the question....why didn't the mayor deploy these earlier instead of letting them rot???


Just a few thoughts while folks are blaming Bush for everything that's going on (what else is new?).

Bush asked the governor to evacuate.

Also, many folks are saying Bush didn't act soon enough. According to FEMA, it wasn't his responsibility.

First Response to a disaster is the job of local government's emergency services with help from nearby municipalities, the state and volunteer agencies. In a catastrophic disaster, and if the governor requests, federal resources can be mobilized through theU.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for search and rescue, electrical power, food, water, shelter and other basic human needs.

It is the long-term Recovery phase of disaster which places the most severe financial strain on a local or state government. Damage to public facilities and infrastructure, often not insured, can overwhelm even a large city.

A governor's request for a major disaster declaration could mean an infusion of federal funds, but the governor must also commit significant state funds and resources for recovery efforts.

A Major Disaster could result from a hurricane, earthquake, flood, tornado or major fire which the President determines warrants supplemental federal aid. The event must be clearly more than state or local governments can handle alone. If declared, funding comes from the President's Disaster Relief Fund, which is managed by FEMA, and disaster aid programs of other participating federal agencies.

A Presidential Major Disaster Declaration puts into motion long-term federal recovery programs, some of which are matched by state programs, and designed to help disaster victims, businesses and public entities.

An Emergency Declaration is more limited in scope and without the long-term federal recovery programs of a Major Disaster Declaration. Generally, federal assistance and funding are provided to meet a specific emergency need or to help prevent a major disaster from occurring.

Personally, I think Bush should stay away from NO. The logistics of protecting the POTUS in that area would just compound the disaster.


File this one under WTF??

What were you....oh never mind.

An open letter from Michael Moore

This thing reads like satire. He can't possibly be serious with this can he? Is it really possible Michael Moore is that much of a Mooreon? Probably not. Is it possible that Michael Moore is really that big of a liar? Abso-f'ing-lutely.

Vacation is Over... an open letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Dear Mr. Bush:

Any idea where all our helicopters are? It's Day 5 of Hurricane Katrina and thousands remain stranded in New Orleans and need to be airlifted. Where on earth could you have misplaced all our military choppers? Do you need help finding them? I once lost my car in a Sears parking lot. Man, was that a drag.

Also, any idea where all our national guard soldiers are? We could really use them right now for the type of thing they signed up to do like helping with national disasters. How come they weren't there to begin with?

Last Thursday I was in south Florida and sat outside while the eye of Hurricane Katrina passed over my head. It was only a Category 1 then but it was pretty nasty. Eleven people died and, as of today, there were still homes without power. That night the weatherman said this storm was on its way to New Orleans. That was Thursday! Did anybody tell you? I know you didn't want to interrupt your vacation and I know how you don't like to get bad news. Plus, you had fundraisers to go to and mothers of dead soldiers to ignore and smear. You sure showed her!

I especially like how, the day after the hurricane, instead of flying to Louisiana, you flew to San Diego to party with your business peeps. Don't let people criticize you for this -- after all, the hurricane was over and what the heck could you do, put your finger in the dike?

And don't listen to those who, in the coming days, will reveal how you specifically reduced the Army Corps of Engineers' budget for New Orleans this summer for the third year in a row. You just tell them that even if you hadn't cut the money to fix those levees, there weren't going to be any Army engineers to fix them anyway because you had a much more important construction job for them -- BUILDING DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ!

On Day 3, when you finally left your vacation home, I have to say I was moved by how you had your Air Force One pilot descend from the clouds as you flew over New Orleans so you could catch a quick look of the disaster. Hey, I know you couldn't stop and grab a bullhorn and stand on some rubble and act like a commander in chief. Been there done that.

There will be those who will try to politicize this tragedy and try to use it against you. Just have your people keep pointing that out. Respond to nothing. Even those pesky scientists who predicted this would happen because the water in the Gulf of Mexico is getting hotter and hotter making a storm like this inevitable. Ignore them and all their global warming Chicken Littles. There is nothing unusual about a hurricane that was so wide it would be like having one F-4 tornado that stretched from New York to Cleveland.

No, Mr. Bush, you just stay the course. It's not your fault that 30 percent of New Orleans lives in poverty or that tens of thousands had no transportation to get out of town. C'mon, they're black! I mean, it's not like this happened to Kennebunkport. Can you imagine leaving white people on their roofs for five days? Don't make me laugh! Race has nothing -- NOTHING -- to do with this!

You hang in there, Mr. Bush. Just try to find a few of our Army helicopters and send them there. Pretend the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are near Tikrit.


Michael Moore

P.S. That annoying mother, Cindy Sheehan, is no longer at your ranch. She and dozens of other relatives of the Iraqi War dead are now driving across the country, stopping in many cities along the way. Maybe you can catch up with them before they get to DC on September 21st.

This thing is so rediculous that I'm not even gonna fisk it. Hell, it really fisks itself. However if any of you would like to have a go at it, feel free. Just leave it in the comments or email me and put up a new post with it.