Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bush was steering Katrina like a video game!!!!!

Break out the tin-foil hats folks, we're gonna have us a good ole' fashioned black helicoptor party!!!

Straight from the DU (cuz even Alfred Hitchcock couldn't make this up):

PROOF THAT THEY KNEW ABOUT 9/11 is how they're handling N.O.!

On 9/11 they had a PLAN.

When they're caught by surprise, they have no idea what to do and thousands of U.S. citizens are left hungry and thirsty for days (and still counting)!

I'm telling you, this is PROOF!

"The Whole World's Watching!"
"The Whole World's Watching!"
"The Whole World's Watching!"

I like to imagine the the poster is foaming at the mouth while it posts. Mostly because it's funny but it's also probably true.

Some of the responders are just as good:

1. I don't know-- I think they might have even planned this disaster

in some sick way-- blown the levee or something.

I wouldn't put it past them.

What do you think they were planning this past five weeks anyway?

check out my lonely DU post about how funds got diverted

and one way out site says the FEMA fascist sabatoged the Levees

This is a war ..a battle for control of your very soul.

Here's where it gets really good:


Maybe the hurricane was induced by Scalar weaponry? Am I nuts?

check out HAARP technology

the military has ways of changing the weather

what?? the US military are the good guys

SURE !! HAARP and SCALAR and more stuff aka like James Bond movies..ALL FOR THE ELITES to control the paupers

Military is another tool for the elites..

My personal favorite:

The hurricane can occur normally but just be steered in

the right direction using HAARP or similar technologies.

We need some meteorologists to look closely at the trajectory to see if anything unusual was observed.

That is a very strange turn the hurricane takes around Florida.

Is that normal at all? Could they have steered that storm into NOLA?

proof by sequence and logic

Its proof by the observable progression of questionable geo-political events that have happened primarily during Bush 43s tenure to date. These events very possibly being staged by an Anglo-American-Zionist geo-political faction.

Uhm, what does that even mean???

I don't know about you, but I personally hope that the DU is around for a long, long time. The comedy value alone is priceless, and Lord knows we all need a good laugh every now and then.

Disclaimer and full disclosure:
Link hijacked from Conservative Underground