Thursday, July 08, 2004

Overlord is Happ happ happy!!!

Well I finally got my broadband connection up today. Standard installation was of course standard. Wasn't necessary though. All I wanted the guy to do was run the wire and drop off the modem, I was ready to do the rest. But alas he had to do it. Some type of "liability issue" or whatever. I don't care, just run the line, gimme my modem and get the he** out dude. But whatever, it's up and running now, so I'm happy. Nice too. I ran a connection test today, I'm downloading at about 2000 KBS, and uploading at about 225 kbs. That's better than my old DSL connection. Heck, it's even better than a Time Warner/Brighthouse.

Speaking of being happ, happ, happy, Mike Wilson, the young man directing the documentary called, "Michael Moore Hates America", has a new trailer on his website. Check it out.