Thursday, June 03, 2004

Sorry folks...

No new posts probably for a while, about a week or so. We're packing this weekend and leaving on Monday. The DSL connection I use(d) has already been shut off (I cut it off early to make sure there was no outstanding balance thus not requiring a deposit with the new company), so I'm using a friends *gulp* dial up connection at the moment. Hehe, it took me over 5 mins just to go from his home page, to blogger home, to the posting page...OUCH!! Anyway, put the tinfoil hats back on for a while until I'm back to counteract their evil effects. And for God's sake DO NOT ANSWER THE BANANA PHONE!!! I'm planning on remodeling the kool-aid stand also so hopefully that'll be done as soon as I'm back to posting, along with The Story. Toodles!

While I'm gone, check out a few of my favorite sites/blogs...

/The Great War
The Sicilian (am I the only one who noticed that she spelled her url name wrong?
Right Wing News
Boots on the Ground
Black Five
Chief Wiggles
Citizen Smash
The Anti-Idiotorian Rottwieler
Your Arse from Your Elbow
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