Monday, April 19, 2004

Reading Rainbow time

Seems like every idiot out there has a new book coming out right now. And naturally, they're all coming out bashing the Bush administration. And as usual, it turns out their stories are full of holes. I don't really blame them I suppose. Their just trying to sell a book, and let's face it; a story about how great everybody did but, gosh darn it those pesky terrorists got in anyways, just wouldn't sell as well as a "hey look, these guys knew everything, blew it anyway, and planned all along on attacking Iraq from day 1". But, just as Condoleeza Rice did with Clark's book, Colin has already debunked most of what Woodward's claimes made in his new book. You know if this were written about a different administration, say one that leans a little more to the left, there would be people calling for these guys' heads. But I digress. And of course all these guys are under the Viacom belt, which owns CBS, a liberal bastion. I'm not saying that there's a big conspiracy on the part of Viacom, but it's definitely not just coincidence on the part of the authors either. These guys, Woodward and Clark, had the idea to write a book ripping the Bush administration, and Viacom jumped on it. Who wouldn't? In an election year, the sales generated are a no brainer. It's a shame they had to pull this crap while we are at war though. Here's what Powell had to say.