Friday, April 23, 2004

Kerry's slamming of Vietnam Veterans

Mac Owens at NRO online has two great fiskings of John Kerry's actions and claims preceeding the his service in Vietnam. Make no mistake about it, I have nothing but respect for Kerry for his service to our great country during Vietnam. However, his actions afterward are nothing short of reprehensible. He was against the war, I can apprecicate that. What I cannot appreciate however is Kerry slamming and slandering his fellow servicemen who were also serving. Did attrocities occur in Vietnam? Absolutely, just as in any war. But contrar to what Kerry and Fonda and their ilk would have you believe they were not common occurences; nor were they "standard U.S. policy". I would go on (happilly so) but Mac does a much better job of it. I suppose that's why he gets the big bucks at NRO and I'm here writing my itty-bitty lil' blog, but I digress;-). Read Mac's fiskings here, and here.