Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Speak up Citizens!!!

As you know, I have no problem posting pieces written by readers of Freedom Nation. In fact I actually enjoy it. This blog is my method of ranting, raving, and just general venting of my political nuances. If anyone else needs to spew once in a while, feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts, even if you don't agree with I have to say. Just be prepared for a good flogging if you do;-) The following comes to me from Jeff (last name withheld), an 18 year old prep student from Salisbury, CT.

Just some thoughts, free writting if you will.

All democrats do is sit around and attack. “But this isn’t fair, but that
isn’t fair, peace, equality, blah blah blah. You just attack. You and
you’re friends are just sitting around, like the democrats, just waiting
for another terrorist attack. On the other hand, I want my president to
protect me, and to chase the crime. So now...the crime? The terrorists.
You don’t think that we should be in Iraq, helping all those people? Okay
so yeah we've been in there for a year, and there are still terrorists
threatening our troops, and civilians in the streets. We have to use war,
violence to take the terrorists out first, so that we can get to the
people. We’ve been there one year. One year. What is one year in
history? The USA spent 200 years getting to where we are today. The
French and the English fought in a war for 100 years, to become what they
are today. So what is one year? It just can’t take one year to build
democracy over there. After we nuked the Japanese, and after we finished
the nazi party, we spend 5, 6, 7 years in those countries helping them
rebuild themselves, and to build a democracy. The Germans and Japanese
are still thanking us to this day. So you and your friends sit around and
attack bush, you’re anti-bush. So what, is that going to help terrorisms?
Is that how we're going to be safe, by turning our backs, and bashing our
Gov’t? You democrats bash bush, making the world question our country.
“Are they really as strong as they say if the people rise up against
them?” they ask themselves. I mean, I’m not saying you, you’re friends,
or you’re family are, but there are some people in this country,
democratic and very very very liberal that I could strongly argue are

You democrats don’t make sense. You’re points aren’t based on fact, nor
truth. You tell me peace, liberty, and equality is right. You tell me
America takes that away from you, the republicans do, bush does. That’s
bull. Peace liberty, equality? What do you think we're doing in Iraq?
We’re helping those people get it, but before we can start to help them,
we need to take the terrorists out that that are controlling.

But now what I want to know is, what would you do? As a democrat, what do
democrats want different? If they could have their way, how would it be?
Please, tell me. I would love to know.

Democratics: Blinded by the light

I would like to add that we still have a heavy military presence in Japan and Europe. After WWII we didn't cut and run. We won't do that now.