Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Ted Kennedy and Jessie Jackson

Someone please tell me, why, oh why, these two treasonous fuckbags have not yet been charged with treason against the U.S.. Yes, I know free speach and all that. But I have to admit that nothing would make me happier than to see these two standing in the middle of some street in Fallujah with absolutely NO U.S. military support. Yup, just these two raving moonbats and the Sadaam loving shitheads that live there in Fallujah. Ah, never mind. They'd probably all sit around and talk about how much they all hate America anyway. Why the rant? Well let's deal with Flubby Kennedy first.

This from Fox News:

WASHINGTON — Democratic candidate John Kerry's chief surrogate, Sen. Ted Kennedy (search), accused President Bush of having the largest "credibility gap" since former President Richard Nixon.

Bush "has broken the basic bond of trust with the American people. He's the problem, not the solution. Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, and this country needs a new president," Kennedy, D-Mass., told an audience at the Brookings Institution (search).

Kennedy attacked the administration on the war in Iraq, a war he has said was predicated on a fraud devised to help Republicans in the 2002 and 2004 elections and divert attention from "the administration's deceptions here at home."

Democrats plan to hammer away for the next seven months on the president's so-called "credibility gap" but a new poll indicates that voters have more doubts about Kerry comments.

A recent CBS poll shows that while 52 percent say President Bush says what he thinks, and 43 percent say he tells people what he thinks they want to hear, 29 percent think Kerry says what he believes while 54 percent think he panders to audience desires.

In the Brookings speech, Kennedy accused Bush of "happy talk" about budget deficits that he said makes Democrats appear fiscally frugal.

"The administration's only economic policy is more and more tax cuts for the wealthy. What [President Bush] doesn't mention is larger and larger budget deficits, the largest in our history, mind-boggling budget deficits (search) that make Democrats look like budget balancers," Kennedy said.

Focusing on an array of domestic issues that Kennedy said will add to the deficit, the senior senator from Massachusetts blasted the administration for misleading the public by cutting unemployment benefits and failing to pay for the No Child Left Behind (search) education overhaul.

On the Medicare prescription drug benefit that Bush recently signed into law, Kennedy said the White House deliberately concealed over $134 billion in costs above and beyond the $400 billion the president initially said it would cost.

"This administration misled Congress, misled the public and misled even members of their own party about the cost of the Medicare (search) bill," Kennedy said.

Kennedy has been taking on Bush as one of the most fervent supporters of Kerry, who is seeking to run to the political right of Bush on managing the budget. Kerry has scheduled a week of attacks on the president's budget proposals.

But the president's supporters said Kerry's notion of going on the record as a fiscally-prudent negotiator is a farce, especially since the junior senator was crowned the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate recently by the nonpartisan National Journal magazine.

Officials at the think tank, which prides itself on its own objective nonpartisan policy analysis, told Fox News that they were surprised by the "extent and breadth" of Kennedy's attacks on Bush's policies.

Fox News' Carl Cameron and The Associated Pres contributed to this report.

I tell you what, if 50% of the people believe that a politician is telling the truth, it's a freakin' miracle. And we're supposed to take Ted seiously why exactly? C'mon Ted, your car has killed more people than we've lost in Iraq. Tell us Ted, did you even glance over your shoulder while the young woman drowned trapped in your car, or did you just slither away like the snake that you are? Kennedy and the rest of the left are just mad cuz Bush went on a spending spree and they couldn't go. There's a reason those on the right call Bush Democrat light ya know. But we don't support him for his domestic policies (lucky for him). Right now, with this war on terror Bush is the best man running. Believe me, if there were a more conservative person running who I thought would do as well as Bush on foriegn policy I would endorse him/her in a second.

On to Jessie "The Extortionist" Jackson

Taken from black enterprise as reported by the Boston Herald

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said yesterday that the United Nations should consider sanctioning the United States for its decision to "murder all these people on faulty information" by waging war in Iraq.

Speaking in Boston on the eve of the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, Jackson said the word "murder" was appropriate - if inflammatory.

"When you kill people outside of international law, I'm not sure what you should call it," the civil rights leader said.

Jackson later called the U.S. invasion of Iraq "a crime against humanity."

"Iraqis are human beings, too. We killed them, . . . we executed people on this flawed policy," he said.

Jackson was in the city for a series of events, including delivering an address to the annual 21st Century Black Massachusetts Conference at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center. His speech focused on eliminating the Electoral College. A constitutional amendment Jackson and others are pushing also would give the District of Columbia seats in Congress.

But it was during conversations with reporters before his formal talk that Jackson delivered his harshest comments.

A U.N. investigation into the Iraq war is warranted, he said, because the United States is acting as "our own referee, judge and jury in this action."

"I'm not sure the U.N. has the power to act against us in a miltary way, but they have a right to make a moral judgment," he said.

"As when other nations violate the law, we should have hearings," he said. "Then, actions are determined."

"To whom are we accountable for engaging in such attoricities?" he asked.

Even if no sanctions are imposed, Jackson said, the United States should "apologize" to the survivors of Americans and Iraqis who have been killed in the conflict. At home, he said, Congress should determine whether President Bush committed an impeachable offense in making his case for war.

But senators should not be held responsible because their vote authorizing war in Iraq merely gave the Bush administration the ability to pursue military action, Jackson said. "Congress gave him the option. It was his judgment."

Publication date: 2004-04-04

The U.N. should put sanctions against us? Military action? What about the attrocities commited by your good buddy Sadaam? What about the mass graves? Or is the life of some poor Iraqi not worthy of your compassion? What's the matter Jessie, not enough spotlight attention in standing up for the Iraqi people, or is it that you just can't extort anybody by defending them? You sick treasonous fuckbag.