Friday, April 02, 2004

My Friend is Back!!!

It's so nice to have friends! This is turning out to be a great day. First off, that hated day of April 1st is over with, and secondly...I"ve got mail!! I had a rough day at work, so if I don't post a response tonight, I promise a weekend update (I wonder if SNL can sue me for using that phrase?) to respond. I wouldn't want him(her?) to get bored and go away. I'm so excited..they hate me, they really hate me!! Actually it's not hatemail. More like what I would expect to see on Rational Correspondance (how's that for a shameless plug?;-)). It was well written and polite, so I will endeavor to keep my response in line with that, though I probably won't be able to help but throw out some sarcasm. Sorry, it's in my nature. Anywho, here's the email sent me. Sorry, that's the actaull e-mail address.

Sorry about the delay.

Lets go back to the spanish election. You said that "Polls showed that about 75% (if this is even accurate) of the Spanish people were against the war, yet the socialists only won by about 5%....that doesn't make any sense". I am not sure I understand what you are saying here. But in Europe, citizens are not as divided as people in America.
Most parties belive in the same concepts. All parties want high public healthcare, good schools, social welfare payments that are high enough to live a upon and a society that is fair and equal. Therefore, it is common and normal for people to change their preference on the day of election. An issue such as lying to the citizens for two days before the election could easily swing the voters.
On the Isreali issue. Before the foundation of the Isreali state, there were Palestinians living there under the protection of the british. Mosts jews had left the country itself and were scattered throughout Europe. But after the second world war they came back to the Isreal and displaced Arabs who previously lived there. That cannot be right.
In your article, you say that the UN gave the land to the isrealis. Here you accept the authority of the UN. Ever since the security council has issued resolutions asking for the isreali army to move back to the borders of 1948. They have not.
This is an example of the damage done by the isrealis. They came along and burnt down the land of the palestinians. On this land they farmed and grow crops. In palestine farming is the only real source of wealth. Therefore those displaced lost not only their land but their sources of income.
These people have no future and no hope in present circumstances. No wonder they strap bombs to themselves and blow themsevles on a bus.
In the past few days you have been saying how much you want to murder millions of innocent citizens for the sake of those who carried out those disguting muders. You must understand that this is so called "war on terror", is not a war in the old meaning of the word. This war can only be won by knowing when an incident will happen and stopping it.
In this so called war, it is important to understand terrorists and what motivates them and ensuring that our activities do not serve as recruitments agents. Isreal and Iraq moivated these people.