Thursday, April 01, 2004

Where's the retribution?

I posted this story yesterday. I wanted to know why Fallujah wasn't a pile of rubble yet. This story comes out, and it's a little encouraging. But is it enough? Where is the "shock and awe" that was promised now? Why aren't the people of Fallujah shocked and awed (and dead) yet? We are not talking about soldiers killed in comat (even that would have been cause for severe retaliation) we are talking about 4 CIVILIANS!!! That city and everything and everyone in it should be reduced to rubble. This isn't about chasing down those responsible. This is about showing these people and everyone else in the middle east that we will not take this type of fucked up behavior towards our people. We should be coming down with power and might that is the great military of the United States of America and make the all DEAD!! And don't give me any of this "inoccent women and children" crap. This mob consisted of men women, and children. That's right, kids as young as eight years old were out there beating our dead people with sticks and stomping on their heads. These kids have already had it programmed into their heads to hate and kill us. There is no solution except the ultimate, final solution. It must be swift, it must be powerful, and it must, must be absolutely complete.