Monday, April 26, 2004

Gotta love those DU'ers

The thread starts like this:

skjpm (592 posts) Sun Apr-25-04 11:37 AM
Original message
If by "America" you mean the majority living here now, then I hate America

If by "America" you mean the vision of the Founding Fathers, then I love America. But it's hard to keep that vision in front of me when the majority of "Americans" are fundamentalist, fascistic, homophobic, racist, sexist, ignorant, American Idol-loving morons who think Bush is a strong leader. I think that the America I love is beyond retrieval because it would take more than a new President, it would take a re-awakening of a whole group of stupid people who don't want re-awakening. Bush didn't destroy America. Americans who had no idea of the wonderful country they were given destroyed America, and will continue to destroy it whether Kerry is elected or not.

Should I stay? Would you counsel someone to stay in an abusive relationship and hope that the person will stop hitting them if they can just reach the person somehow?

It pretty much goes down-hill from there. You can read the rest of these people's (I use the term lightly) by clicking here.