Friday, April 23, 2004

Today's edition of WTF?

Wow, this is just f'ed up. Really, seriously, truly. The story is about a european car made my ford called the Ka. Actually it's about a new line called the SportKa, it's being marketed as the Ka's "evil twin". I get the whole evil twin thing, but this is just wierd. Here are the two commercials in question. Now in fairness, these are just proposed commercials from the ad agency and were refused by Ford. Somehow though, the commercials leaked out. Here's the first commercial about the bird. And if that's not twisted enough, this is the second commercial with the cat. I'm not a huge animal freak, (yeah I got a dog and a cat and love'em and all) but this is some twisted stuff.

Note: quicktime is required to view the commercials. You can read the new story about it here.

NoteII: I tried the url in the commercials, but it doesn't work. Somebody let me know if they have any luck. And BTW, I have to admit after I watched these I did LMAO a little bit. Yes I know, I'm heartless.

NoteIII: Yes I lied about not having anything new. But damnit, I'm The Overlord and this is my blog, so shut up and love it!

Update: It seems this post has been getting a crap load of hits from search engines from some of you sicko's who want to see it. Since I never miss the opportunity to shamelessy plug myself I'm going to keep this post up towards the top for a little while longer making it easier to find and thus increasing traffic to my otherwise pathetic blog. View, hurl, enjoy. BTW, I still think the bird one's funny...