Thursday, April 08, 2004

Condi's testimony

I purposely have not posted much on Condileeza Rice's testimony in the 9-11 hearings because I honestly think it's a bunch of crap. It's nothing but a bunch of political badgering. For Condi's part though, I think she handed the "inquisitors" (that's what they were) their asses (figuratively speaking). But I have a problem with the President's national security advisor being forced to testify in public. Especially when former President Bill Clinton was questioned in private. Some severe bias going on their from the local socialist fuckbags within our own government. All in all, I think the whole "inquiry" was a freakin joke, but Condi hadnled herself well. I for one would like to see the administration drop Cheney and have Condi as the VP. Hell, they should just put her up for pres, or her and Rummy. I would vote for them. As a side note, I would like to say the I personally think Condi is really, really hot. I mean hot hot. But that's just the sic warmongering animal in me speaking most likely, so take it with a grain of salt:-)