Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Presidents' Press Conference

Make no mistake, George W. Bush is one of the worst public speakers I have ever seen. With that said, I think that despite that, he did an excellent job of delivering his point tonight:

-We will not back down from terrorists
-We will not cut and run
-Terrorists are responsible for attacks on America; not this or even the prior administration, no matter what the media likes to put out

And good God the media sharks were out tonight. Pressing the President of the United States to apologize?? Where do these people get the arrogance to demand something like this? If Slick Willy had spent half as much time paying attention to the terror threats this country faced as he did going after Bill Gates we may have prevented this all-together. But as I said, for all his inadaquecies, Clinton is not to blame either. Though I still loath him for the hack job he performed on our military. Anyway, I think Bush handled himself well tonight, though I'm sure the moonbats will some idiotorian comments of thier own.