Monday, April 12, 2004

Movin' on up

Yup, this is a particularly special time for the small yet proud world of Freedom Nation. Sometime early yesterday, we reached our one-thousandth unique visitor. Really in the grand scheme of the blogosphere one-thousand visitors doesn't mean a lot. But it's a big number for me. Especially since word of our little nation has spread mostly only through word of mouth. I've never asked for a link from another blogger. I'm not a "link whore", though I am linked on three blogs that I know of. The first blog to link me was Liberty, then of course the The Superheroes, and the third blog to link me was the Independent1. I've also recently received quite a bit of traffic from The Spoons Experience regarding the Ka commercials from this post. Aside from these fine blogs, my only traffic has come from word of mouth and the occasional hit from a search engine (yahoo, google, etc.. and a lot of those are regarding the commercial believe it or not). Any blogger will tell you it takes a long time to establish a presence in the blogospere. To reach 1000 hits in four short months is pretty encouraging for our little nation. I have seen many bloggers, most notably Racheal Lucas' blog, gone by they wayside in that short time. Some because they didn't have enough time, others because they were tired of fighting a fight against the idiotorians in this country that sometimes seems cannot be won. But, like the current war on terror, it's a fight that must be fought. There's a saying that goes "All it takes for the bad guys to win, is for the good guys to do nothing.". That is more true than many people realize. History is riddled with brave people fighting fights that seemingly could not be won. Some of them emerged victorious, some did not. But they all continued the fight. Just because the odds are against you, doesn't mean you don't try. Indeed, where would this great country be if some had not dared defy the odds? However, in this case, I believe the fight we are fighting not only can be won, but must be won. At least that's my humble opinion (cherish it, you won't hear me use the word humble very often;-P). So without further ado, we return to the battle; of ideas that is.

I would like to express a sincere thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my rambling. Especially those that have posted and emailed me. I enjoy reading and responding to everyone.