Friday, April 09, 2004

Nothing today

Cuz I'm sick. I've got the mung, called so cuz I've got no other name for it. NO! Shut up!! It is not just allergies!! Look, I've got...blood..yeah, that's it, I've got blood. Er...coming out of my eyeballs. Gushing out, like a lawn sprinkler. Out of my ears too, yeah that's it. Blood out of my eyes and ears!! And...shut is too possible. It's happeneing to me right now....see!! It is too blood. No it is not ketchup...what ketchup bottle...holy crap what's that!!!??? /runs away

Anyway, I just don't feel good so I'm calling in sick today. Besides, I still have to go and try and fix the damage that I've caused to the template. We are coming up on a special time (for me anyways) here at Freedom Nation. Closing in on my 1000th unique (you have to look at the old counter, not the site-meter) hit. Yeah, I know. No big deal, but you gotta start somewhere. So look for a special post on Monday. Also, working on one about what it takes to be succesfull in America. It's really quite simple. See ya Monday (maybe sooner if I'm froggy, but Monday at the latest). Until then, happy Good Friday and Easter. Now if you'll excuse me, I must fulfill my right-wing obligation and go beat up some homeless, starving, disease-ridden children. TTFN