Thursday, October 07, 2004

You Might be a Liberal

Yeah, yeah. I know. Somebody beat me to. Well ok, lots of somebodys. Geez, just when I thought I might actually have something a little original. Oh well, it's never bothered me before to hijack some elses idea, so there's no reason this time should be any different.

So without further ado; You might be a liberal:

If you think cigarretts should be outlawed but heroin should be legalized.

If you think handing out "buckets of blood" is an effective method of getting your point across, but any who holds up a sign demonstrating against abortion is an extremist.

If you believe teaching about Islam in public schools is ok, but that a student who carries a bible to school should be suspended.

If a person who shoots someone breaking into their home should be jailed.

If you think John McCaine is a conservative.

If you think John F. Kerry is a "moderate" democrat.

If you think it should be illegal for people to have private insurance.

If you think anyone who owns a gun should be monitered 24/7, but law enforcement have no business keeping tabs on suspected terrorists.

If you think that NPR and Air America should recieve public funding but that Rush Limbough and Glenn Beck should be banned from the Air Waves.

If you think CBS making a business decision not to sell advertising to MoveOn.Org is censorship, but the Kerry campaign trying to put a gag order on the SwiftVets is perfectly ok.

If you think doping your kid up on prozac is better than having to pay attention to them.

If you being fat should be considered a disability.

If you think Pat Tillman was a "dumb jock" who died because he was dumb enough to leave the NFL, but that draft dodgers living in Canada are heroes.

If you think that a law abiding citizen carrying a concealed weapon (with a permit) is more dangerouse than someone driving while drunk.

If you believe that the U.S. military is made up of warmongers, but the Taliban was actually a group of patriot freedom fighters.

If you're a woman with more body hair than your boyfriend.

If you think China being on the human rights board of the U.N. makes perfect sense.

If you believe that soveriegnty applies to every nation except the U.S..

If you believe that "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need" are words to live by.

If you believe that the remake of the Manchurian Candidate is better than the original.

If you thought that the movie "Day After Tommorrow" was a documentary.

If you think that pedophiles should be rehabilitated and released, but that CEO's should be locked away for the crooks that they are.

If you think that being proud to be American is just silly because you can't help where you're born, and then justify terms like "gay pride" or "black power".

If you believe anything that comes out of Michael Moore's big fat stupid fatty fat mouth.

If you think racial/religious profiling is a sin but don't hesitate to call all Christians hypocritical monsters when some nut bombs an abortion clinic.

And finally, if you think this list is just stereotyping democrats and that all right wingers are just racist-sexist-homophobic-warmongering-moneygrubbing-monsters, you might, just might, be a liberal.

I'll post more as they come to me. If anyone else thinks up some, feel free to send'em to me.