Monday, September 06, 2004


Time to say goodbye. The Overlord has to go now. It's been fun.

Actually, I'm going out of town for the next 3 1/2 weeks on business, and really won't be able to blog. No worries though, Your Benevolant Overlord has left you in very capable hands.

The Lovely Mrs. Overlord will be handling all postings whilst I'm gone. Thus you'll probably notice a vast change in posting styles, but don't worry; you'll love it. I promise.

Plus, I may have a few guest bloggers chime in for me from time to time.

I have to say it will be nice to have a break from blogging. Between work, 3 kids, and have a full time life on top of wears you down. And with all the extra focus on this year's politics, I've put a lot of extra energy into my 2 sense (pun intended) that you've been reading. This way, I'll be nice and fresh just in time for the election. Or as the left likes to call it, the selection. They mostly say this cuz they have no idea how the electoral college works because they're, well.....mostly just stupid hippies. I hate hippies. I really, really hate hippies.

Anyhow, take care folks. Be nice to the Mrs. for me. And I'll see you in about 4 weeks.

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