Monday, September 06, 2004

To the Folks in Florida

As many of you know, I've only just moved out of Florida myself. To those that are still there, I hope you're all taking care of yourselves. Florida's been spared the worst in recent years when it comes hurricane season. This year it seems her time has come. In the last month two seperate hurricanes have come through and ripped their way through Florida. And now there's potentially a third storm on it's way.

I read tonight that just at an intersection just 2 blocks from where I lived there were fish swimming in the street. The Hillsborough River is reported to be flooded over for 12 blocks. Believe me, if you've never smelt the Hills. River, it ain't, it ain't good.

I realize that many of the folks affected won't be able to read this post because of power outages, etc. But I do want you to know we are thinking about here at FN. I want you all to be careful and take care of yourselves, and uh....I'll try to behave myself.

Take care folks.