Monday, August 30, 2004

Winners at the Olympics

So the Olympics are over (thankfully, did anyone even watch?), and the medal count has been tallied. So you add'em all up, and the country with the most medals is.........Europe???

EURO chief Romano Prodi last night hailed Britain’s haul of Olympic gold as a triumph — for the European Union.

And he warned our athletes will have to fly the EU flag as well as the Union Jack at Beijing in 2008.

That would mean 800m and 1500m champion Kelly Holmes and boxing sensation Amir Khan would be battling for Brussels as much as Britain.

Medal table
(As Brussels sees it)

Europe: 82 golds
USA: 35
China: 32
Russia: 27
Australia: 17
Great Britain: 0*

*See contribution to EU

Mr Prodi turned the Athens games into a political football, boasting that our bag of 30 medals helped the EU trounce America and China.

He said: “The Games were a huge success thanks to their unique spirit and smooth organisation but also because EU athletes did so well.

“In 2008 I hope to see the teams in Beijing carry the flag of the European Union alongside their own national flag as a symbol of our unity.

“The European Union’s sportsmen and women performed outstandingly at Athens, winning 82 gold medals and more than 280 medals in total.”

Mr Prodi a failed Italian politician, is about to step down after a dismal term as EU president.

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?