Friday, August 27, 2004

More Problems with Public Education

You all know my issues with public education. Well know it gets even worse. Of course you know they aren't aloud to play tag or dodgeball anymore (man, I loved dodgeball!). Now some teachers are changing the color of pens they use to grade papers. Instead of red, they'll be using purple, because purple isn't as "intimidating". Puuuhhhlease!! Give me a freakin' break. And then, to top it all off, in Columbia S.C., Benedict College is grading students on effort rather than performance!!

Is it just me, or are we turning into a country of liberal weenies?? What's gonna happen to these students when they get into the real world? I for one am raising my kids to accept the fact that when they don't do their best they don't succeed, and am trying to prepare them for the tough breaks life is going to throw at them. If these yoyo's had their way with my kids, they'd come crying home to momma the first time they got turned down for a job interview.

What a buncha' freakin' tools.