Monday, August 30, 2004

Finally Time....

For Socialism??

It's been a while since I've dropped in on our friends over at The D.U. to see what our counterparts on the left were doing. So I dropped in today, and looky what I found. Rhetoric that would make Stalin himself proud.

Krasnaya Lastochka (130 posts) Sun Aug-29-04 03:42 PM
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Is it Time for Socialism?

We are in a stagnating swamp of mass consumption and class division. Capitalism, it seems to me, has outgrown its initial usefulness and has become self-destructive.
Karl Marx has said that every society must pass through certain stages of 'evolution': feudalism, monarchy, capitalism, socialism. It is nearly impossible to bypass one or more stages (hence the mess that the USSR made of communism--their economy hadn't yet been built up by capitalism!), and it is also destructive to try and stop the evolution in its tracks--as is happening in America. Thanks to the Cold War, "socialism" has become almost a dirty word, synonymous with "dictatorship" and "oppression." Well, it doesn't have to be that way (look at Scandinavia.). I say it's time for some socialist-democratic grass roots regime change in America. Anyone with me?

"I see how peaceful the stars are...I only wish that this peace could extend down to my country." --Ilan Ramon, Israeli astronaut

Time for a socialist regime change in America? Doesn't he mean Amerikkka? You know, one of my favorite things about reading DU posts are the silly little quotes/tid-bits at the bottom of their posts. If you want a few laughs (or you're looking for a good horror story) go read the rest of the thread.

Here's my personal favorite:

Freedom means freedom to fail, which is unacceptable. Our current system allows many millions of people to not meet the most basic of Maslow's needs.

Freedom ranks less important than basic needs.

If you accept the basic tenet that government exists to advance the welfare and happiness of the majority of its' people then I can't see how the current system is anything but a failure.

Hah! What a buncha tools!