Wednesday, September 01, 2004

My New Favorite Show

The Overlord has found a new show on TV. And he has decreed that it is so good as to entertain The Overlord, that everyone should watch it.

Ok, so FX has this new show called

Rescue ME. It's actually a great show, though definitely not for kids. Lot's of profanity (no censorship), and a bit of nudity here and there. But what do you expect, it is produced (as well as stars) Dennis Leary. It's a very poignant drama about a group of NYC firefighters. Dennis Leary carries the lead role as one of the troop of engine 62. His character is kind of a toss-up on the likeablity scale. On the one hand, the guy's kind of a jack-ass. He puts his kids up to spying on his soon to be ex, he spies on her himself constantly and is continuously trying to manipulate his way back into her life. On the other had, you have to feel sorry for the guy cuz his life really sux. He gets beaten up by the friends of his wifes boyfriend. The girl he's dating throws a molatove cocktail through his window (going back to the jerk part, she's pissed cuz he can't remember her name). And on top of it all, he sees dead people. People he's worked with, or people who's lives he wasn't able to save.

So The Overlord highly recommends FX. Remember though; NOT FOR KIDS.