Monday, September 06, 2004

Russia, Chechnya, and Terrorism

If you haven't heard this story yet, you need to get the hell out of that hole and rejoin the world. This folks, is the absolute epitome of terrorism. Militants Terrorists taking over a school and murdering, not just innocent civilians, but children. Did you hear me? CHILDREN!! This is as disgusting as it gets. Or so you would think. Let me ask you. What's worse, a group of people murdering innocent children, or the rest of the world sitting by and watching-doing nothing; or in some cases, sympathizing...

From (where else) the DU:

As another poster has already said, the Chechens have no army. They, much like the American "rebels" of 1775, are fighting with what weapons they have. Not unlike the Iraqi civilians, who have no army and are fighting an occupation that has destroyed their country. The only difference is that the Iraqis don't have an "enemy" contingent of American schools to hold hostage.

-You see, the Checnyans aren't so bad. It's like the brilliant Mike Moore said; they're just like the American Revolutionaries and the Iraqi insurgents murdering terrorists.

I am very simpathetic to the idea that terrorists have no other means to fight

-Uhm, whatever dude. Take another hit, you'll feel better.

The solution is for Russia to get the hell out of a place where they don't belong.

-Hmm, yeah. Capitulation works great. Just ask Spain.

Yes. I'm sure this happened many times in Iraq and Afghanistan.

-Yup, I'm sure the American and Coalition forces spent countless hours gleefully lining little schoolchildren up against the wall and torturing and murdering them.

Treasonouns fucking douchbags. (sorry, haven't used that one in a while and it was quite called for)

Hat tip to CD at Semi-Intelligent Thoughts for this one.