Monday, October 04, 2004

Why do We Have the UN?

No seriously, I really want to know. Somebody please explain to me why we have the UN. It doesn't make any sense to me. Why do we have an organization that prances around trying to enlighten mankind back into the stone age? I say we, because we as Americans, are the reason the UN is able to function. Yes folks, it's your hard earned tax dollars that are allowing the U.N. to drag their pompous a$$es through New York and tell us how much they hate us for ruining their "oil for cash" program. The United States foots 22% of the UN's total budget, which is around $1 billion. Japan is next with about 19%. After that, no other country even contributes a double digit percentage. Germany comes closes with just over 9%. Now keep in mind that this only takes into account the regularly budgedted contributions. This doesn't even take into account military contributions to the u.n. by the U.S.. Or any other contribution for that matter. Not to mention the amount spent when these bloated douchebags get decide to get together and make life he!! for the people of New York. I don't have any more/recent statistics to for you right now. This is an old subject, I only brought it up to vent some frustrations. A quick search of the web can bring up a whole list of examples of the UN's ineptitude such as this, and this. If anyone else has a link or two happy, I'll be happy to post it, but for me this is a just like beating a dead horse. Except not as much fun. Come to think of it, I'd much rather be blowing up whales. Yeah, I'm sick. Shut up and love it.