Monday, October 04, 2004

Just When You Thought You Were Finally Rid of Me

I come strolling back into your lives like a certain hurricane by the same name. My condolences to those in Florida btw, and yes, it hit my house too. So in case anyone's wondering, and I know you are, Atlanta sucked. Have you ever driven the Atlanta interstate? What a freakin' nightmare. And hippies EVERYWHERE!!! My friends, it's as close to he!! as I hope I ever get. Stupid hippies.

I did get to watch the debates while I was there. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I think Dubbya dropped the ball, at the 1 yard line. He had a perfect opportunity to put the game out of reach for good (several opportunities really). He just didn't do that well. Still gonna vote for him, cuz Kerry's just creepy. Also, I think he's a hippy. Stupid hippies.

Did I mention yet how much I hate hippies?

So thanks to everyone for being so kind to the Lovely Mrs. while I was gone. Also thanks for all the emails checking on me. Greatly appreciated. Got some new material here for you, hope it doesn't dissapoint.

Working on a new post for coming in the next couple days. Tommorow with any luck. Inspired the the original blue collar redneck himself, Jeff Foxworthy. It'll be called: "You might be a liberal"

So stay tuned folks, I'll try to keep it interesting.