Monday, March 15, 2004

Sad, Sad Days Ahead

Sorry for the lack of posts lately folks. I've been too depressed. I've recently learned some tragic, distressing news. Call the pope, Hell has frozen over, the sky has fallen, the fat lady has sung, and monkeys have finally flown out of Mike Meyer's butt (see Wayne's World). That's right folks. On March 11, 2004, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that they are cutting SS John Lynch. This is truly a sad day for Tampa folks. A sad day indeed. Yes I realize that football is a business and these things happen in the era of parity (not parody, though that's what this feels like). But this is nonsense. From an economic standpoint this makes no sense at all. Even after eleven years, Lynch is one of the premier players in the league. More than just that, he's a leader from old school football. I'm talking about a stand-up, no excuses, take it like a man player who has earned the respect of everyone he has played with and against. Add to that the fact that he was willing to actually take a pay cut to stay with the team, and you have on giant enigma. I just don't understand. This man was part of the original crew that single-handedly pulled this team from the bottom of the NFL cellar where they lived for 20 years. Yup, 20 years of double digit losing seasons. They hold the record for consecutive losing seasons you know. And Lynch was one of the guys that pulled them out. This my friends is a decision I just don't understand. I have no choice now but to unleash the full fury of my Arm of Mutant Gecko Warriors on One Buc Place and bring Gruden and the new GM (whatever-the-hell his name is) and CRUSH THEIR BONES INTO DUST!!!!!!!!!! Who's with me folks? Taking over the world will have to wait, this is FOOTBALL we're talking about here!!


the rants not over!!! I just want everyone to know that this is a prime example of what happens when business's are not left alone. This is the result of parity by the NFL. For those that don't know, parity is the whole salary cap thing. It "forces all teams to operate on an equal playing field". It's bullshit is what it is. It's a dynasty killer. Remember the glory days of the steel curtain defense? the great days of the cowboys? Well those days are over thanks to parity folks. Gotta love those liberal business schools!! NOT!~!!