Monday, March 15, 2004

Bush Does Not Control the FCC

I've made no secret about how I feel about how the FCC is going after companies and DJ's lately. But contrary to what some would have you believe, this is not some part of the VRWC to shut up those that speak out against Bush. Some, most notably the two most recent shock jock casualties Bubba the Love Sponge and Howard Stern, want you to believe it's all part of a conspiracy by the Bush administration to keep quiet the dissenters. That is simply not the case. Do you think Bush would even take the time to wipe his ass with a transcript of one of these guys' shows? I hate to tell you folks but Bush has other problems right now besides what 2 unfunny shock jocks think about him. I don't mind telling you, I don't like Howard Stern or Bubba. I don't think they are funny, or even mildly entertaining for that matter. I do think the persecution coming down on them is unjust. But for them to say this is an attack from the Bush administration is absolutely ridiculous. The worst part is that they know this. So why are they saying this? Sensationalism. That's what they do, they're shock jocks after all. The more they make themselves out to be the victims of "the man" the more ratings they get. Or at least in their minds. Personally I think it makes them look even sillier. And lets get real, Stern wasn't censored, he was fired. So was Bubba. These guys got their companies fines, and they got fired. It was a business decision, that's all. And Stern was only carried in six of the Clear Channel markets. And Clear Channel owns over 1200 stations, so it's not like Stern is being tied up and locked in a closed. It was six freakin' stations for crying out loud. Let's not forget that the single largest fine ever levied by the FCC came against Howard Stern (and his parent company Infinity Broadcasting) in 1995. Who was president in 1995? That's right, it was Bill Clinton. Of course Bill was just supporting his republican brothers in silencing Howard Stern...oh, wait...Bill Clinton was a democrat.. Does that mean that Bush really isn't singling out Howard Stern? That can't be. Howard said... Bullshit folks. I don't like how the FCC is overcompensating this anymore than you do. But the fact is this is NOT some conspiracy by the Bush administration. Stern and Bubba and their ilk are using that angle to try and get more ratings. I don't like them, I don't find them entertaining. In fact I do actually find them offensive. But if I don't like it, I turn the station. Simple as that. These guys' ratings have been dropping for years anyway. What does that mean? It means a free market works. People thought they were offensive, and they showed it by not listening. Very simple.

One more thing worth mentioning. A good majority of the listeners' of these shows were in fact the same people trying to get them off the air. The whole "know your enemy" theory. The problem was, in listening to the enemy, they were in fact providing ratings and keeping these guys employed. Again, free market works, the thought police don't.