Thursday, March 25, 2004

Dont' vote against anybody

What really get's me about the hate-Bush crowd, is that there's really no rational reason for them to hate him. I mean look at his domestic policies. You would think that the left would like him for all the spending going on. The sad fact is, people hate him for two reasons. One, he has an R next to his name in regards to politics. Secondly, he's a rich oil boy and they are not. Silly reasons to hate someone isn't it? I wish I had me a rich oil boy for a friend. Maybe he would buy me some cool stuff, like my own island with little peasent people to bully around. That would be fun! Really though folks, the fact is that most people don't really like Kerry. They simply stand behind him because of their blind hatred for Bush, and that's no reason to vote for someone. Especially not John Kerry. When John Edwards was capaigning, he had a great line in one of the speeches he gave. Now obviously I don't want Edwards for president because I wouldn't agree with his policies. But you have to admit he's a pretty charismatic guy and will probably have a good political future in years ahead. Still not someone I would vote for though. But he did have great advice for people to consider when going to the voting booths. When you go to the booths to vote, go there to vote for someone who represents what you want. Don't go to vote against somebody. Cuz you end up losing no matter what happens then. So when you go to the booths in November (and please for the love of God, go vote), don't just vote for Kerry cuz he's not Bush. The anybody but Bush crowd are a bunch of raving moonbats. Vote FOR somebody. Vote for the person who would best represent what you want out of this country. I mean really, do we really want this guy for our Commander in Chief?