Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Hatemail

This is the text of the email that I received yesterday...(I'm so proud)


just a few lines to voice my disagreement with you

Take for example the result that occured in the elction in Spain. The reason they voted to remove the conservative government and replace it with a left wing party was because they were lied. Aznar(the former prime minister) immediately after the attack placed the blame on ETA. A group who want a part of Spain callled the Basque country to be a seperate identity. The Spanish peopleon the other hand knew well that the attacks were planned on by Al-Queda.

Also, you right winger constantly state your love for democracy. In Spain all opionions polls showed that there was no support for spanish involvement for a "crusade" in Iraq. The government ignored their wishs and sent troops. I did not hear you complain about the result.

But when the people did vote in a democratic election and the result did not go your way. You then complain.

Each day, you right wingers say, we will not negotiate with terrorists. In northern ireland, there was 26 years of bloodshed. The fighting stopped when the British government realised that you cannot beat terrorists. There will and driving force will always be greater.

The killing of Shiek Yassin will serve no purpose but to create more bloodshed, on both sides.

Many Arabs do not hold the same hated as Bin Laden. However, they support Bin Laden because his campaign is a channel to voice the Palestinian cause.

Just so you know we should take this guy seriously, the return email address was youignorantshit_at_hotmail_dot_dom. So at least we know he's legit.....

The response:

Hello youignorantshit (that's a strange name, did your parents not want you or something?) I'm glad you took the time to write to me. I've been hoping to get a limey of my own. Frank's so lucky to have such a great limey that I wanted one too. Well, you're not exactly a limey, but maybe we can have fun too!!

So you wanna disagree with me? GREAT!! I love that. That's what the comments section is for. You said the conservatives in Spain lost because they lied. What did they lie about exactly? Were they saying bad things about peoples mothers? Azner wasn't the only one who blamed the ETA you know. That was the popular theory going around for godd 2 or 3 hours. And it wouldn't be the first time they'd blown something or someone up. But it didn't take long to figure out it wasn't their MO. All they really did was show the terrorists that Spain will capitulate almost as quickly as France. Notice how Hamas has backed off their threat against the US? Cuz they know us cowboys don't take that!! I've always wondered why people use the term cowboy as an insult nowadays. All the cowboys I remember were all good guys and were really cool. Well, they didn't dress cool, but they acted cool. They beat up the hippies. Ok they didn't really beat up hippies, but I liked to imagine the bad guys were all hippies cuz I hate hippies.

Yes us "right wingers" love democracy (for the record the left wingers claim to love democracy too). You can't say there was no support cuz that's not true and you know it you little hippy you! Polls showed that about 75% (if this is even accurate) of the Spanish people were against the war, yet the socialists only won by about 5%....that doesn't make any sense. If that's the case, that would mean that people only voted socialist cuz they were scared and they capitulated. Oh wait, they were and did. We did not complain about sending troops cuz that's what we wanted. If someone gives you money, do you complain? And yes we didn't like it when the socialists won (cuz I hate hippies and hippies are just socialists in disguise) cuz we all hate socialists here and that's not what we wanted. Don't you complain when someone takes your money? And we didn't complain, we just said we weren't happy.

You are wrong when you say we can't beat terrorists. You just have to find them and kill them. Some think carpet bombing is the way to go, but personally I want either up close and personall executions (preferably public) or just nuke the bastards. That way you get all of them, now isn't this fun? Maybe you're right about England, after all, appeasment worked out so well with that whole Hitler situation. After they appeased him he stopped, wait, he killed more people. But that would mean that you're wrong and that can't be can it? After all, everyone knows that Churchill was just a warmonger looking for a fight right? I'm having fun, how about you youignorantshit? Isn't this a hoot?

Killing Yassin did accomplish something. One less terrorist to worry about:-) I especially like the photos of the aftermath where all that's left is his chair and a foot. Wasn't that neat?

Many Arabs do not hold the same hated as Bin Laden. However, they
>support Bin Laden because his campaign is a channel to voice the
>Palestinian cause.

Isn't this a contradiction? They don't hold the same hatred but they support him? Doesn't make sense but maybe I'm just not as edumacated as you are. I am after all a product of the American publice education system.

Now let me break it down you ignorant shit. Bin Laden can't further the Palastinian cause. You know why? There's no such thing as a Pal-ass-wipian. At best they are a bunch of displaced arabs who want nothing more than to push Israel and all Jews into the sea. They have been offered time and again the chance to live in peace and co-exist with Israel and they have rejected it every time. They only exist but for the good graces of Israel you moonbat fuckbag. Israel is quite capable of wiping out every last fucking Arab in that part of the world and yet they choose not to. You know why? They're not murderers you moron! The were even offered a proposal in which they received 98% (in case you're too dumb to understand, 98% is really close to 100) of what they were demanding and they refused. What about the fact that almost 90% of "displaced arabs" believe that EVEN if Israel were to completely capitulate and give up 100% of the demands they still believe jihad should be waged against the Jews. You know who else thought that way? Say it with me moonbat, ADOLF HITLER!! Frankly why Israel hasn't pushed all the palastinians into the sea themselves is beyond me, but they've shown an amazing amount of restraint. That is Israel's land, given to them by the UN after WWII. They then secured it by TWICE kicking the hell out of the arabs (the first time outnumbered by almost 10 to 1) and sending them packing. If anyone should be taking in these "palastinians" it should be the Egyptians, Jordanians, and the Syrians. They after all are the ones who sent them there in the first place, you idiotorian moonbat fuckbag.

have a nice day and please, write again:)


Ivan Rohde, Overlord and Supreme Evil Ruler of Freedom Nation