Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It Figures

I decree that no news can happen while I'm gone, and wouldn't ya know it. I come back to work and it all comes in at once. That's alright though, I can take it;-)

If you haven't heard already, Israel launched an air-strike into Gaza yesterday, killing the founder of the terrorist group Hamas, Shiek Yassin. Shockingly, the EU is all up in arms about it. Just breaks your heart doesn't it. Now the Pal-ass-wipians are are vowing revenge against Israel and the US? Hehe, I say "Bring it bitch!".

I'm not going to do any posting about the Dick Clark situation, cuz that crap gives me a headache. But if you want to read about it, and how 60Mins failed to give full disclosure about his book go to Drudge's site.

This past weekend was the anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. Predictably, the peace-nuts were out in force this weekend. The communist group ANSWER was of the front-runners in the demonstrations. John Hawkins has some good pics up over at RWN of some of the protestors. Pay particular attention to pic#4.

Lt. Smash also has a great take on it, having gone undercover personally to one of the peace rallies. He even managed to sneak an interview with a member of the ISO (internation socialist organization, i.e. commies).

Update: Lt. Smash sent the audio of Rebecca's "speech" to Roger Hedgecock. He has the audio up on his website. Listen here.