Friday, May 12, 2006

True Americans

Dear Mr. President,

I implore to take a look at these fine individuals. You could learn something from them, they are true patriots.

Following a week of tough talk, a 250-member sheriff's posse charged with finding and arresting illegal immigrants made just one arrest in its inaugural desert search early Thursday morning.

The posse, made up of existing sheriff's deputies and unpaid, trained volunteers, on Wednesday night launched night patrols in desert areas and major roadways southwest of Phoenix.

They're looking for illegal immigrants to arrest under a state smuggling law that allows local law enforcement to arrest and charge suspected human and drug smugglers with a state-level felony. Smuggling already was a federal felony.

Again, just for those who don't already know. My plan for controlling the border. A 50ft high double wall fence, running the entire length of the border. Only one entrance between U.S. and Mexico. Space the walls 100ft apart, with razor wire at the top. Put gaurd towers every mile or so. Arm each guard tower with at least two men, and arm them with a .50cal maching gun and a high powered long range sniper rifle. In between the two walls, creat a "no man's land", riddled with land mines. Don't like it? Move to fucking Canada.