Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fun from the DUmp

I tell ya, I think some people were held underwater by their parents as children. How else can one explain this?

noahmijo (1000+ posts) Wed May-03-06 11:23 PM
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So today I snapped at an elderly man pretty harshly concerning his sticker
bumpersticker wouldn't fit but anyways you know what I mean.

Yea this 70 or 80 something year old man was coming out of his nice shiny Buick which had a sticker on it that said "I'd rather hunt with Dick Cheney than Ride with Ted Kennedy" something like that.

So while walking by I said "Well not me, I know how to swim but I haven't learned how to dodge quail load yet when its being discharged by some idiot who thinks I'm a fucking bird"

He gave me this look as if I, a child in his eyes shouldn't be speaking to him like that.

Which is why I said right then" and furthermore I really wish you old fuckers would start fighting the wars you start instead of sending kids my age off to do the fighting and dying for you. Obviously no one robbed you of a healthy childhood, but you seem okay with robbing 20 somethings of theirs today."

Nope sorry ZERO that is ZERO respect for any "elder" that supports the death and destruction of babies, children, ANYONE who was robbed of what these aging bastards take for granted.

To be fair, some of the members of DU do take him to task for this, but most of the responses are bloviated pats on the back. Yay, you screamed at an old man over a fucking bumper sticker!! Way to go dickhead.

Some of the responses:

dotcosm (1000+ posts) Wed May-03-06 11:26 PM
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2. oh SNAP!
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Bravo! you tell that mf'er. Age is no excuse!

(or you could have just said "there's no fool like an old fool" -- but what you said was good

Pierre Trudeau (122 posts) Thu May-04-06 07:37 AM
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183. you Americans are confused about "respect"

I've come to the conclusion that those of you who insist on treating opponents with "respect" will soon be drowned in a sea of jackboots.

These folks aren't just "people with different political viewpoints", they are FASCISTS.They DON'T THINK. They cannot be reasoned with. Their "viewpoints" don't need to be "respected", no matter what age they are.

The only way to deal with them is to show contempt, not respect, and it's also important to publically humiliate them.
Don't worry about "hurting their feelings", because they certainly don't give a shit about yours. Make sure that everyone in the immediate vicinity hears what a fool they are. Show NO mercy.

By being "respectful" to people who don't deserve respect, the language and mentality of fascism gradually becomes normalized in everyday discourse. Before you know it, fascistic behaviour is fully accepted, and it's more difficult to oppose it because earlier, you showed "respect" for these "different political viewpoints".

Do you think the Nazis would ever have risen to power if everytime they tried to walk down the street, ordinary germans would routinely punch them in the face and humiliate them??

Hehe, I'm a that right there is funny.

treestar (200 posts) Thu May-04-06 12:02 PM
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273. Great post! I've been hearing about how we should take the
high road for 30 years. 30 years of respect and politeness and we are just that much farther to the right.

Damn right THEY won't be nice. They deserve every bit of it.

baby_mouse (1000+ posts) Thu May-04-06 01:33 PM
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327. Good... ;-)

This is good...

TankLV (1000+ posts) Thu May-04-06 01:15 AM
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78. NO! How dare someone not support the TRUTH and GOODNESS!
and what is CORRECT and DECENT!

THESE PEOPLE ARE RAPING US ALL and you would have us think theirs it a valid "viewpoint"!


Heh, my viewpoint is not valid, newsflash for you jackass, my viewpoint won in '04.

There's more there, but it would take up the whole front page. Just go read for yourself. Oh, and kudos to DU poster Yupster for having some good sense and a few morals. It was a bumper sticker for Chrissake...