Thursday, May 18, 2006

My son the genius

This in a letter from my son's elementary school: (I would just post the letter itself but my scanner's mucked up)

Richard has taken A STAR Math computer-adaptive math test. This report summarizes your child's scores on the test. As with any test, many factors can affect a studen'ts scores. It is important to understand that these test scores provide only one picture of how your child is doing in school.

National Norm Scores:

Grade Equivalent(GE): 12.9+

Grade Eqvuivalent scores range from 0.0 to 12.9=. A GE scro shows how your child's test performance compares with that of other students nationally. Based on the national norms, Richard's math skills are at a level equal to that of a typical post-high school student.
Percentile Rank(PR): 99

The percentile Rank score compares your child's test performance with that of other students nationally in the same grade. With a PR of 99, Richard's math skills are higher than 99% of students nationally in the same grade. this score is above average. The PR Range indicates that, if this student had taken the STAR Math test numerous times, most of his scores would likely have fallen between 97 and 99.

At this stage3, he needs to work with aglebra concepts such as powers and roots, negative numbers, factorization, and scientific notation and be provided with opportunities to challenge math skills.

Richard is in the fourth grade.

**Edit on 5/20 @11:20pm. It has been pointed out to me that I screwed up. I originally posted that my son scored on the Grade Eqvuivalent scale a 12.9 out of a possible 19.9. That was incorrect. He scored a 12.9 out of a possible 12.9, meaning he scored the highest possible score. It has since been fixed and the corrected area bolded***