Wednesday, April 20, 2005

You Make Too Much Money

Uh huh!! It's true. You didn't know? Well it must be true, they said so over at the Democratic Underground. You make too much, nobody's worth that much.

On a side note, in a strange twist of irony...they complain that they didn't get a big enough raise.

I'm by no means rich, or even moderately wealthy (yet). But I greatly look forward to the day when my hard work and diligence pays off and I can count myself among these individuals. When I do finally get there, through my own hard work and diligence, I don't need some jackass telling me I don't deserve it cuz they don't make that much. BTW, I just started with a new company about 8 weeks ago and just got raise that comes out to about 14%. I got because of hard work and diligence. Stick that up your moonbat butts, jackasses.