Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sometims Life Just Doesn't Seem Fair

I had to bury my cat today. It sucked. My kids took it pretty hard. My oldest found it and that was really bad. I had to leave work early to come home and take care of it. As a general rule, I usually don't like cats. I can't stand the attitude they have. But you know what they say, every rule has an exception and "Lil' Bit" was the exception. He didn't have that "No as a matter of fact I don't recognize you as the dominant species on the planet.". This cat was beyond cool. Completely laid back, affectionate (but not so affectionate he drove you nuts). He got along with my dog, and he was cool with the kids. Crap, I'm gonna miss that cat. He was only a year onl. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

My kids asked me if they would see him in Heaven. I had a hard time answering that one. I constantly hear that animals don't have souls. But how can they not? They're self aware, have (very basic) emotions. How can something that is alive not have a soul? I guess that's a question that'll have to wait to be answered.