Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I See Your True Colors......

Ah, remember that old tune? Brings back some memories, doesn't it?

"I see your true colors, shining through. I see your true colors, that's why I love hate you!"

Well, it seems our old friends over at DU have finally shown their true colors.

Huh? What ever do you mean, Oh Mighty Overlord? Hawkins has the scoop.

As expected in the wake of their loss at the polls, the looniey lefties over at the Democratic Underground Forums are even more out of their minds than usual. The general theme seems to be that the election was rigged using electronic voting machines. Here are just some of the threads -- less than half easily -- about how the election was stolen from John Kerry....

Gyre: "I don't support them (the troops). We've exported our illiterate little kids with their tiny brains filled with images of Rambo. We've armed them and told them the enemy is a demon who doesn't deserve to live. Most of them are more than willing to believe that. They are stupid and dangerous and have no intellectual capacity to grasp basic concepts of democracy. They're a symptom of a disease that infects my country."

Coventina: "I agree the war is dead wrong. And yes, I've made bad choices. If it turns out that the military vote went Kerry, I'll start caring for them again. But as long as the evidence points that they think Bush should be their leader, well, I don't need to worry about them, because they're doing exactly what they want to be doing. And I feel justified in despising them for it."

buff2 "Support the troops........who overwhelmingly voted for Bu$h. Phuck that. I don't feel sorry for any of those people who supported that moron who put them in harms way for NO GOOD REASON,AND LIED TO THEM. I'm sorry,anyone who voted for that lying no good cheating bastard gets NO sympathy,respect or support from ME. No phucking way!"

Marx_redux: "What in gods name says that the troops are sacred? You are telling me that we should worship them because they can see the carnage they are helping to create and remain silent? Hell maybe we should just give em the keys to the city and say thank you very much, we love the way you got used in the holy war. I respect the soldiers, airman and marines that come home and speak out against this American jihad. The other ones that mindlessly kill "rag heads" and cheer about it should go straight to hell."

livinbella: "I do not support the majority of our troops in Iraq. In no way shape or form. What in hell has happened to personal integrity? No man has the right to say "I am not to blame for the things I have done." I do not support the majority of our troops."

Oh there's so much more. Go over to RWN and check it out.

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