Friday, November 05, 2004

Life Sucks for Deserter

Gee, this just breaks your heart, no?

TOKYO - Far from finding a communist paradise, four American soldiers suspected of deserting to North Korea (news - web sites) in the 1960s were forced to live together in a tiny house under constant surveillance, to scrounge for food and to study the works of "Great Leader" Kim Il Sung for up to 16 hours a day.

Two died before ever again seeing the outside world.

So they decided to abandon thier positions in the U.S. military, into communist North Korea, and found out that communist dictators really do suck. Awww, shucks. My heart bleeds for this guy. No, really. It does. Ok, maybe not. This douchebag got exactly what he deserved. Of course to hear the rest of the story, written by the AP's Eric Talmadge, this guy is a victim and suffering hero.

Read the rest if you like, to me it's enough to know the guy's life was nothing but a living Hell after he deserted.