Tuesday, October 26, 2004

M&M and Bush

No big secret that M&M (yes you dolt I know it's Eminem) doesn't care for Bush to much. Well just like with all other things in old Marshall's life, he went and made a video about it. And let me tell you the left is going absolutely effing ga-ga about it. You would M&M was the second coming for these idiotic kool-aid drinking retards.

This one's my favorite:

aldian159 (1000+ posts) Tue Oct-26-04 01:50 AM
Response to Original message

7. Good stuff indeed

Very powerful.

His work is a thing of beauty, always has been, but this takes the cake.

Or maybe it's the first post:

I was already a big fan, but this video brought me to tears, feeling the power behind us, how can we lose?

I love him, love him, love him for this.

Bless him, for taking his anger and talent and making something so powerful and it just came out of no where! I read the lyrics the other day, but I had no idea that the music and the video would be so passionate.

I can't even think I am so impressed.


And to think, I used to be a fan.

Stupid, stinky, smelly pot-smoking brain cell killing hippies.

Update: Still don't think hippies are bad? Check out RWN and see what the DU is saying about Castro.

Stupid, stupid hippies. Have I mentioned yet how much I really hate hippies?