Thursday, October 28, 2004

More Political Attacks

You know, I want Bush to win (Kerry to lose) as much as the next guy. I've never made a secret that I disagree with Dubbya on several issues, but I really want him to pummel Kerry into the ground (figuratively of course...then again, it would be fun to watch them spar wouldn't it?). But I think this is going a little too far.

WEST PALM BEACH – An 18-year-old Marine recruit remained in jail on Wednesday, charged with threatening to stab his girlfriend over her choice for president, news partner NewsChannel 5 reported in its noon broadcast.

The enlistee, Steven Scott Soper, of Lake Worth, became enraged Tuesday night when his 18-year-old girlfriend said she was leaving him -- and voting for John Kerry for president.

Soper, who will enter the Marines as soon as he passes the GED test, solidly supports Bush. He allegedly told girlfriend Stacey Silheira, "You'll never live to see the election."

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office deputies called to the home in Lake Worth said they had to use a Taser – an electronic stun gun – to subdue Soper. They described Soper as enraged and said he was holding Silheira captive. He was armed with a screwdriver and threatening to stab her in the neck, they said. When Silheira eventually broke free a deputy fired the Taser, shocking him into submission.

Charged with aggravated assault, Soper remains in jail without bond until he undergoes a psychiatric exam, NewsChannel 5 reported.

Now let's get real for a second. Do we really believe his violence was set off by her choice for president, or was he maybe already a bit peeved she was leaving him? Then again, after seeing this, nothing surprises me with this election.