Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Movie reviews:

Been a busy week, hence no postings. But I thought I would take a few mins and share my thoughts on the movies I've caught over the last week.

Napolean Dynamite:
In short, don't see this movie. I only watched the first hour, and for it being one of the funniest movies ever (according to my friend that talked me into watching it) I never cracked a smile. This movie blew major chunks. It simply wasn't funny. At all. Anyone who thinks it was is obviously suffering from some sever psychological disorder and should seek help. So if you're reading this and saying to yourself "Man, I thought Napolean Dynamite was a funny movie, am I suffering from sever psychological problems?", the answer is yes. You should seek help immediately.

X-Men 3:
I was a little disappointed with X3. Bryan Singer's absence was painfully apparent (he was buys doing Superman Returns). It wasn't a bad movie, just not as good as I expected. First off, there was no Nightcrawler. They made a big deal out of putting Angel in there, but didn't really do anything with him. He was just special effects candy. Cyclops/Scott Summers bites it in the beginning, Xavier about halfway through. Don't get me wrong, I expect and like that there are casualties throughout the movie. Keeps it real, but come on....it doesn't have to be about Wolverine all the time. Also, I don't believe they did a good job with the whole phoenix/Jean Grey scenario. On the plus side though, the special effects were great. Kelsey Grammer was fantastic as Beast/Hank McCoy, and Ian McKellen was as awesome as ever. I hate to admit it but I also enjoyed the ongoing love story between Rogue and Iceman. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad movie, and I will own it on DVD. It just live up to it's potential in my opinion.