Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Surrendur of Israel

Oh yes, you heard me right. It is a said day for the people of Israel right now, when the IDF is forcibly removing their own people from their own property. Imagine it, people come into your country, kill your fellow citizens (or even you and your family) destroy your property and country...then your own government comes in and forcibly removes you from your own homes to make room for the terrorists!!! Way to go Sharon. Me thinks you've been hanging around Bush too long you yellow bellied prick. A real leader would have stood by with his people and pushed the murdering baby killing bastards out of his country, just like a real wartime president would be using these in Iraq instead of pussy-footing around trying to be politically correct about everything while our soldiers are being killed. Newsflash guys, political correctness does not win wars. Just like appeasment doesn't end terrorism. Especially when said terrorists want nothing less than to "push the jews into the sea". Good job Sharone. Good God it's no wonder the War on Terror isn't going as well as it should....look at the guys who are leading it.

You know what really galls me about all this? Except for Fox News and a few non-MSM sources, YOU AREN'T HEARING ABOUT THIS ANYWHERE!!!! Where are the pro_Israel bloggers on this one? Surely I'm not the only one??!!

I was planning on making my return by joining in on the Stop the ACLU Blogburst, but this has gotten me so incensed that I had to put that off until next week. Sorry Jay:(